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  1. @PaulOBrien have you played with the sense 5.0 4.3 jelly bean leak yet?
  2. does anyone have an md5sum for beta 9? Thanks
  3. No that should do the job, unless you can handle manually doing the job of the kit, using htcdev, revone or moonshine for s-off and installing recovery of your choice via rom manager or goo manager. ;)
  4. later on this may be possible, ATM as the title of thread states we are beta testing to get the most stable setup first then branching out to devs to make available for switch to be a possible incorporation in Rom development,l. ;)
  5. Things running great here, for xposed functioning correctly with tool box and elementalx running great with updated scripts and trickster mod with post from other forum.
  6. This one and the one from post above correct?
  7. So which download is currently working correct? the on in OP or the one a few post above? TIA for the reply
  8. How's things running for everyone? Does anyone here have the bulletproof or elementalx kernels with fixed script for switch?
  9. has anyone tried increasing mms size limit to 1000k yet via xml edit?
  10. Edit: got it working, apparently it's not a quick boot back up?
  11. Had anyone experienced when using modaco toolbox xposed mod, upon rebooting after selecting options it sits at htc one beats logo screen?
  12. For me it does, but I have tethering on my plan too
  13. What xposed mods are you using from the toolbox? Just curious to see if I can narrow it down to which one is causing to hang up?
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