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  1. Can you please elaborate Step 4 (Samsung MIT drive update)? Sorry, I am just a beginner.

  2. it's interesting, if it harmless to flash i8000L firmware to i8000 and vice versa? What is not known to me: can you flash i8000L phone FW to i8000L if you already flashed i8000 phone FW before? Just though, if some people travel around the world, they can flash american phone FW when they are going to America, and can flash european if they ar going to other countries. Universal solution :)
  3. last digit in FW version is just sequential number wich resets itself with every month. It doesn't reflect anything but sequential number. And of course it doesn't show how many changes has been done and how it's stable.
  4. it's because HTC put each component into separate package by themself. There is nothing to do with dumping tools. You can try to dump HTC rom and Samsung ROM by the same tool and you will get the same.
  5. This is not a bug. I've made it intentionaly. So, nothing to fix here. All samsung apps can find pics in i8000CAM folder (including camera preview). As for 100SSCAM it's not a fixed folder. After 100 pics, there will be 101SSCAM and then 102SSCAM... Somebody already have those folders and new pics will mess with old.
  6. DDMMYY while better for reading is a bad for sorting as it was told above. That's why i even didn't look for this option. That's why i didn't make something like 2010-May-05. Problem with sorting will kill all advantages. P.S.: I don't need for donations. At least now. I have a job :P Also, i believe donations will just destroy hobby.
  7. ok. here is updated mod. i've changed name template to SNC_YYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg This will allow to see pictures in camera preview. Camera.zip
  8. i've uploaded MUI file there: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1255230
  9. in case of using my mod on i920, you will need MUI file. Camera.exe.0409.mui.zip
  10. it won't work. I share only what i want. Since i've already shared small tweaks for camera before (missing text in earlier 6.5.3 test releases) i've just added one more tweak. Took several minutes to make. I've made this mod BEFORE i saw this thread. That's why i've posted my mod in other topic. Later, i've found this topic near that and then posted link. So, you guys took it wrong :P I would rather to not release this mod if i would see this topic earlier. Just courious how much people would pay for almost nothing :huh:
  11. here is my free mod: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1252231
  12. Here is my mod for i8000 Camera with names like YYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg(mp4) Many settings in camera are now preserved between restarts. based on camera from JD1/JD3 Camera.zip
  13. PointUI uses scripting language unlike many other (dummy) shells. It's similar to C#. Just learn programming a bit and you will be able to change everything in PointUI.
  14. Cube and Samsung's Main Menu are most useless and ugly applications. It's good that samsung now realized it and removed this garbage finally! It has been removed from very first WM6.5.3 ROM (which haven't leaked to public), so it won't appear anymore. JD1 is not a beta version. It's released to samsung FUS server which doesn't contain beta versions and supposed to be used as official update.
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