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  1. I actually got charged £1.47 in tax making the price £8.47
  2. Paul, can I ask if you have tried updating to v1.5? It wouldn't install on my M600 and has left v1 as just a black page! Also now when I try to connect to my PC via activesync the computer shuts down ;) The problem is caused by an unknown device driver, which I can only assume is v1.5! Other than that v1 is brilliant.
  3. Well I bit my tongue, called Orange back to re-order the M600, guess what, none in stock! Unfortunately (for me) my local Orange shop had one in stock, offering the same deal as before! Being a sucker for gadgets, I had to get it. But a long letter will be going to Orange, and as soon as I can afford it, I'll be off to O2 or T-Mobile. And I will mention Trading Standards in my letter!
  4. I thought I'd upgrade to a M600, currently got a M500. Spoke to customer services, it would cost me
  5. I know there are a few football fans on this forum, whomever you support this is football's loss. So as the title says, probably the greatest ever to grace these shores, and up there with Pele and Maradona. RIP George.
  6. Yep, did that straight away, with no luck. Tried again today and now its working, strange stuff! :?: Thanks.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the fonix software on the M500 is a time limited demo? It has just stopped working with no warning whatsoever. If it isn't can someone help please, it literally has stopped working, can't access the program either through the start menu or the button on the side. I can still get into the settings though! Thank you in advance.
  8. Apparently, according to Orange, my problem was a corrupt file in the phone!!! Couldn't be bothered with the solution they offered me so I ended up beaming all the contacts over!
  9. While I do like to think of wine as medicinal, not sure that the Wine Enthusiast Guide should be under Pocket PC - Medical - Reference. ;) Or IslandTips v1!
  10. I've not posted for ages but the arrival of an M500 has bought up a problem with my C500 that I haven't been able to sort out. I've always had trouble with activesync, it seems to work with tasks and the calender but not contacts. Basically it starts syncing them and then just gives up, disconnecting my phone entirely. Not sure where the problem lies, but everything syncs perfectly with my M2000. Unfortunately I have over 300 contacts on my 500 and don't fancy using IR/bluetooth for each individual contact. I suppose my last resort would be Orange backup, but I'd really like to get activesync working properly, so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Did you go into one of the stores? I was told this as well, in fact I was told it was going to be rebranded, perhaps as the M5!!!!!!! But they also told me to try getting one over the phone with upgrades as they had some left and it would be cheaper. The guy was right on both accounts, free and arriving Monday. 8)
  12. Ok, I'm in! First post for ages, it takes the football season to get me going!!!!!
  13. I can't find the beam option in File Explorer :lol: Where would it be?
  14. I'd be interested, especially if it were a 6 month subscription! Oh what the hell, go on then, I'll cope with one year. :lol:
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