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  1. Does anyone have a flashable busybox zip yet?
  2. QUICK!! whats the square root of Pi?
  3. correct factory reset in bootloader is really no different than factory reset from within Android OS doing a factory reset will just wipe everything but the SD card and /system (where the OS lives, unless i'm totally mistaken) in order to install ICS you will need to update the firmware of the actual chips in the phone, not a difficult process to do, just search around for it in order to get BACK to a GB rom you would need to then downgrade the firmware of the chips (not sure if this can be done, i accidentally updated my FW for ICS before it was stable and couldnt figure out how to get back to GB....well i got back to GB but had no service) Trip has some pretty decent ICS rom's available as well as Virtuos (though Trip doesnt exactly get along with them) shouldn't be a big deal if you upgrade FW and install an ICS, but i'd wait till you decide weather or not to buy the phone from your friend My best suggestion though would be to search around on here, Rootzwiki or XDA for info on the different FW versions and how to install them (usually just in a .img file that can be flashed via bootloader) if your totally new to the android scene though I would stick with gingerbread for now until your more familiar with all the different terms and tools used for various things, its easier to work with gingerbread right now because there are a bunch of stable versions of it ICS is still fairly new to the device so results can vary greatly from rom to rom
  4. Power has been select since the dawn of time, on nearly ALL android devices, though some of them use the camera shutter button if present As far as reverting back to 2.3.3 with factory reset, no Factory reset only resets the /data directory to fresh, it does not touch /system
  5. Also having the market issue here too.....doesn't look to be specific to the market that's installed..here is what i tried and my results getting error 491 when trying to install apps tried the usual deleting the cache and data for market and trying again, still not working tried to reboot and "fix permissions" in recovery, still not working tried to manually set the permissions, still not working decided to go out to the interwebs and download the latest "Play Store" (if you dont know, the new name for android market) have the exact same error 491 hopefully trip has an idea as to what the issue is also trip, when i plugged my phone in to my computer i was unable to mount the sd card, no option popped up to allow the computer to read the sd card
  6. normal for your phone, or normal for a trip release? thus far every trip release i've used has had this issue...its more noticible on notifications and alerts that have speaking in them, it makes it sound like a hairlip
  7. does anyone know how to fix the crappy audio quality? for example all my notifications are amped up so loud they are distorted more specifically the gain needs to come down a little, its distorting the speaker which over time will destroy it
  8. I had the fc on incomming call as well, but its hit or miss, not every incomming call has failed.... I havent read through the other posts, cause i just thought about it while typing this... But... The sound for ringers and notifications sounds like its over amplified its all distorted
  9. hmm.....installed a7 lastnight....now i see a7.5....and murmurs of possible impending update again.....should i bother installing a7.5 or just wait a few hours, lol?
  10. I cut out most of your post in the quote because I only want to focus on one point. The CM "team" Does not work for Samsung, Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) Is the only one that I know of that works for Samsung, and it has already been stated LONG ago that his involvement with Samsung would not change the course of CM development, so unless you can prove the fact that the "team" is working for Samsung and that they are purposefully "delaying CM9" because of the involvement with Samsung then maybe you should follow your own quote "Men talk with facts,not with air blown' words and using trolls to bad word people." My Sources: http://www.theverge.com/2011/08/15/samsung-hires-cyanogenmod-founder-steve-kondik/ http://www.slashgear.com/cyanogen-hired-by-samsung-will-continue-work-on-cyanogenmod-for-android-16171941/ http://www.redmondpie.com/cyanogenmod-founder-steve-kondik-now-working-at-samsung-mobile/
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