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  1. Will be fixing it in V2.4 really soon. I'm also toying around with a 3D compass. ST
  2. 1)Sorry cant help you on the i900 compass issue, it's a hardware thing. 2)I also dont have a Luxmeter so Accuracy is based on the phones Specs by Samsung. 3)I'll add your request on the next version release. -> On the I8000 the Light turn off automatically when the program exits. 4)Well there is a flash ON/Off button on the screen and it's placed there for easy toggling using your right thumb. ST
  3. Instead of making a shortcut you can actually just check the option to "Flash on Startup" on the "Flash Options" menu. and the flash will turn on automatically the next time you start the program. ST
  4. Updated SSBubbleLevel to V2.5 for Samsung I8000 WM6.5, should work for other Samsung phones with the same hardware specs as Omnia 2. [Changes / Fix] 1) Updated Samsung SDK files to V2.2, The program "Should" work with more Samsung WM phones. 2) Skinnable Compass, Levels, Buttons. 3) Buttons are now Images. [How to Install] Download it Here , you will also need .Net Compact Framework 3.5, Download Here You do not need to install Samsung's SDK, it's already included in the main program cab file. [How to use] Level -> Just place the Phone on the surface either flat or on it's side to get a reading. Flash light -> Click the "Flashlight" button or click on "Options" for more flashlight options. Light Sensor ->Just face the front of the phone at any light source to get the Maximun "Lux" value, Click "RESET MAX" button to reset the Maximum value. Compass -> H>Heading, A>Accuracy, If the Accuracy is 0 just shake the phone hard and wait a few seconds for the sensor to kick in.the compass "N" points to the north, Simple 3D Compass mode is Avaliable in "Options". The pause button pauses all reading. [How to Add your own compass.level,button images] <Images to change> compass.png -> Compass image flashon.png -> Flash On image flashoff.png -> Flash Off image horizontaltube.png -> Horizontal Level image verticaltube.png -> Vertical Level image pointer.png -> Horizontal Bubble image veripointer.png -> Vertical bubble image button.png -> Button Image <Location and Names> All Images should be placed in the Resource Folder and using the names of the current images found there. <Type> Only PNG images supported. <Transparency color> Only Magenta (#FF00FF / R:255 G:0 B:255) is used as transparent color. <Compass Image> Total Image size should be 400x400 pix and the compass is 280x280 pix and should be placed in the center of the image. <Level Images> Images size should be 480x75 pix and 75x480 pix. <Bubble Image> Images size should be 60x75 pix and 75x60 pix. <Flashlight Button> Images size should be 130x130 pix. <Other Buttons> Images size should be 118x50 pix. [How to Activate Program from a Hardware Button] Settings->General Settings->Button->Assign a program->Button2 Hold) just point it to my App and it will work. Pressing the dial,hangup,sleep buttons will exit the program. Enjoy! Shannon
  5. Thanks for finding that error, i'll fix it on my next release V2.2 at http://ekezial.spaces.live.com in the near future. here's my todo list of changes, pls feel free to add . [TODO] 1)Fix the position of the bubble in the compass. prob change the color too. 2)change the needle to something more better as in real compass. 3)Documentation on how to use app. here's a small info on the compass. H-> heading a-> Accuracy, if you get a 0 the compass is not getting any reading from the sensor. And yes you can shake up your phone to get the sensor to work, you got to ask samsung why you have to do that. ST
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