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  1. I just made a completely random inelligable tweet about this competition. That is all.
  2. In lieu of the flashing power LED, I second the use of LeoExtendedNotifications.
  3. Rapidshare mirrors for 23544: http://rapidshare.com/files/361202012/stef...23544_M2Dv2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/361201418/stef...6.5.3_23544.rar
  4. Hi Steff, First of all great ROM. Second, Belated Merry Christmas. Noticed something odd with your 28014 ROM. The Large Start Menu setting seems to be enable by default which means when you're in some apps (tested with Solitaire), and not looking at Titanium you can open the old school WM6 Start menu by tapping top left on the screen. Not sure if it was me that accidentally enabled it or if it was left enabled by default, so if it's something I've done I apologise. Thought you'd like to know about this anyway. It's not really a bug, just an odd occurrence. Maybe something that needs removing from the OEM files?
  5. Just upgraded to 23506, first up excellent ROM. I love the cleaness of it. No extra apps, no themes, nothing. Just the way I need it to do what I want, so a big big thank you. Now on to the bugs. I can confirm that the Getting Started stuff doesn't work. I ended up removing it using CHome Editor, as not even the Remove option that is built into it works. And, I don't know if anyone else is suffering this, but I can't add a recipient to a new SMS from Menu > Add Recipients > Contacts. The contact list never appears when I do this. I can send messages by typing in numbers or by going via Contacts and selecting "Send Text Message", but because the contact list won't appear from the menu it's not possible to send the same message to multiple recipients or forward a message to someone else. Hope you can fix this one, as for me this is pretty much a show stopper.
  6. Occasionally stutters on my Omnia (DXIA5). Also get the screen blacking (with soft-reset required) if I accidentally trigger the auto-rotate, but if I turn the g-sensor off it works fine. Thumbs up from me :(
  7. Just want to second cmloo's post. I upgraded to HI3 today and Google Maps instantly gets 4+ satellites, often 6 or 7 all without changing anything. Prior to upgrading I was trying all kinds of tricks, Extra GPS Settings, GPSGate, different Baud rate settings, ports, different sat nav apps, and none of them worked, all while my mate's Nokia 7610 always found satellites. So yeah, try upgrading first!
  8. Quick question. Does this latest ROM (HI3) also include an upgraded radio ROM or do I need to upgrade that separately? Reason I ask is My Omnia is currently on XXHG5 and suffering persistent 'black screen of death' issues which I'm hoping will go away with a ROM upgrade, but I want to know if it's still recommend (or even required) to follow Paul's guide and apply the Portuguese ROM before upgrading or if I can jump straight to HI3 or even if I need to apply the radio ROM as well to get the latest everything? Thanks in advance ;)
  9. Not working for me! Every cab I've tried gives me the error message: "Access to the path 'C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\' is denied" This is with Vista x64 SP1. UAC is enabled and working fine for everything else.
  10. They've changed "Text Messages" back to "SMS" on the home screen. Oddly it was only changed in the previous ROM update. That's about all I've managed to find. The Start Menu you can change back by fiddling with the Order value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMenu in the registry.
  11. Doesn't work for me. That value is already set to dd/MM/yyyy on my QTek 8500 yet it displays as MM/dd on the external screen. Bah.
  12. I've had my Qtek 8500 for a couple of months now and overall it's a brilliant little bit of kit. It's just a shame that I've already scratched it, right between the outer screen and the media buttons, because it is a mighty sweet looking phone. For those that have used a Windows Mobile 5 phone before there is no need to go in depth into the features it has and doesn't have. There are obviously a few changes here and there, like the option to enable or disable the answer on open of the clamshell and configuration of the outer screen which allows you to choose from clocks, wallpapers, caller ID info and message count and even see "now playing" info from Windows Media Player, otherwise everything else seems to be present and correct and pretty much identical to every other Windows Smartphone I've seen. Of course like any phone there are a couple of annoyances, the main big one being the battery life which as already mentioned is fine if you leave the phone idle, but if you use it for bluetooth or GPRS or Windows Media for MP3s then the phone will be dead in a couple of hours. The camera software is also really rather atrocious. Even at lower resolutions it seems to lag the phone terribly which means that you will always miss those action shots no matter how hard you try. And I wouldn't even bother trying to take low light level pictures, they just turn out to be a dark, grainy unrecognisable mess. There is one issue with the phone which I've come to despise. What is it? It's the mini-jack on the phone of course. It's not because it doesn't work but because the supplied headphones have a nasty habit of disconnecting. They don't fall out, rather they rock in the socket and cause the audio to be diverted to the loud speaker. I've lost count the number of times I've been listening to music on the way to work and ended up letting the whole bus listen to my tunes. Got many a weird look from that. I'll admit I haven't been given the opportunity to try other headphones with they could easily be at fault, but still it does get really annoying really fast when they won't stay put. Despite the above I still love this phone. Out of all the phones I've ever had it's the one I like the most. Yes it has flaws but then so did my SPV E200. Definitely worth the £249 it cost me and better still most definitely a bargain at £200!
  13. It has just the one proprietary mini jack (different to mini-USB) which has universal functionality and is used for syncing, charging and connecting a headset. You can get adaptors for making use of 2 functions at the same time i.e. syncing and charging from mains or syncing and using a headset. There are also guides around on the interwebnet for creating your own adaptor to take a 2.5mm jack.
  14. Does the functionality change when you open the phone? On my Qtek 8500 the volume buttons reverse their roles when you open and close the phone. That is to say with the phone open the top left button increases the volume but when the phone is closed that same button now decreases the volume. I don't have a bluetooth headset but I'm guessing this could be what is causing it.
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