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  1. Replying to: can i send tones/images via bluetooth in my e200? yes you can send Tones/Images. that's for sure :D sa paano e-send,.. Hintay nalang sa sagot ni pzee at sa iba ;) sa august pakasi me upgrade to bluetooth features. ;)
  2. I managed to get it worked now, but I have to hold the Plug downward, while the SAP Front is facing upwards. in short, I have to use something to make it hold to a position to be able to charge it. and I didn't mention that I had to insert tiny woods from toothpicks below the Headset female plug to be able to let the phone go to normal mode because it was always in headset mode. the female plug needs to be pulled upward to detect that there is nothing plugging it. they Had that headset problem fixed but the was back after a few days of use. :evil: hindi nila yata sinauli sa wastong position, pati Camera at PC connection ko ay sira.... urgh...takot din akong subukang buksan ito ;)
  3. now, hindi na rin gumagan ang charging...looks like a only have few hours for my phone. and I can never use it again. warranty is over and sayang ang SPAMyarin ko kung pa-upgrade ko naman sa August. charger seems fine, used a tester and there is power. Smart Telco services sucks. even their internet Meridian sucks.. :evil:
  4. just want to add a review with the software. pasensya na lang sa grammars ko. ;) the software itself has low cpu usage. plays XviD,DivX files, also low cpu usage. able to play full lenght Movies (30 mins = 30 MB) using Pocket DivX ENCODING setting: video quality=2/ogm audio quality=2/ogg use lower Frame rate like 13 fps it has also a fast forward unlike windows media player. can full screen video in horizontal or rotate vertical Can adjust SPEED and ZOOM, brightness,contrast,equalizer. Assign hot keys. it can play Vorbis OGG, lower bitrates as low as 64 kbps than Mp3's 128 Kbps yet still with good quality audio. meaning, double you music storage files. can play Mp3/ACC/WMA/ASF/AVI/PLS/M3U/MKV/MP4/WAV/MPEG it can also play OGM video with ogg audio, can possibly play videos with multiple Audio streams (switch audio language or on/off subtitles) it's one of the many reasons why I will still prefer Smartphone over Nokia. hehe ;) I have uploaded sample video for Tanagers and Voyagers in this link http://www.4shared.com/dir/3692/1ef0c769
  5. rion

    getting a SAP2?

    ;) I will be very careful when i will have the voyager. can't wait to upgrade!
  6. rion

    getting a SAP2?

    that's good to hear... ok cge.. ma-upgrade nga ng Sap2. . ;) thanks
  7. rion

    getting a SAP2?

    yun ang di ko alam.. :cry: kung sino dito ang may SAP2, paki advice naman... madali ba syang masira tulad sa SAP1?
  8. rion

    getting a SAP2?

    Myroon pang voyager sa Smart Telco... gusto ko sana mag C500 peru, yung nasa smart package lang talaga ang kaya ko. masakit na yata sa bulsa kung bibili pa ako. sana may any Xphone sa Smart o or any C-000's sa smart telco.... :cry:
  9. guys, advice naman ... madali bang masira ang SAP2 tulad ng sa SAP1? mag-upupgrade kasi ako ngayong august, nagdadalawang isip na ako kung SAP2 ang ipalit ko sa SAP1 ko. marami kasing sira ang SAP1 ko, marami din akong kilala na sira ang mga SAP1 nila.
  10. salamat talaga pzee! ang dami ko ng utang sa iyo. gumagana na. puwede na akong magplay ng oggs. ;)
  11. guys, can I ask for the extracted file of Smartphone Betaplayer? yung nasa extracted files na usualy nasa Program files? kasi hindi ko ma connect tong Sap ko sa PC at ang betaplayer ay ma-install lang kung synchronized ang SAP at PC mo. baka sakaling e-derectho ko itong e-kopya ang exe files folder at saka doon ko na e-execute. ;)
  12. yes, it worked perfect! thanks! ;)
  13. pzee ang galing mo! ;) salamat talaga,puwede na ako install ulit softwares!. ;) :P
  14. guys,my SAP is still broken after had it fixed.the problem b4 was Sap's headset female plug is broken. then it had 3 months b4 I got it back, then this time,the camera and connection between the PC is not established anymore. I decided not to complain and wait for a phone upgrade this coming August. anyways, how to install Smart Explorer using MMC or IR? since my Phone to PC connection cannot be established anymore, but I have a Card Reader or Laptop to send it via IR. any help is really appreciated.! ;)
  15. Minalas nga naman ako oh..! :evil: Naayos nga nila ang sira, sabi daw nila, Pinalitan daw ng board. peru sira naman ang Slot. Hindi Kumo-konect ang PC at Camera ko, sa charging lang sya gumagana. :x :x :x baka maghihintay naman ako ng tatlong buwan para maayos itong sira... :cry: :x :x
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