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  1. Thanks again for this rom and updates! And i hope that you help make CM9 faster like this :)
  2. Thanks! You install this ROM over 4.002.14 or 4.008.08? Or it does not matter?
  3. Beta 4 is good but so slow as usual 700 points in Quadrant e.g. Some games cannot work because can't play video on start
  4. Fast android is better than newest :) You can make CM9 UI fast like this CM7.2? Because now any ICS ROM is slow, not in games or tests but into UI and system.
  5. Thanks, LN1.9 version works here but camcorder not media_profiles.xml needs to reconfigure (or replace too)
  6. But maybe you know how insert "metal camera" in this rom? Because now it's error: "Package com.android.camera has no signatures that match those in shared user android.media; ignoring!
  7. Sound enhancement for this rom: SRS drivers with EQ, Trubass and WowHD SRSFX.zip Control via apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.namakerorin.audiofxwidget https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartandroidapps.equalizer and etc similar
  8. I noticed that zoom with CM7.2 libs is x8 (more than with LN)
  9. Thanks for advice about camera libs, and it's really good ROM!
  10. I test (copied) these libs to device and it's boot in any case :)
  11. Flash .bin file from PC as usual, but first install driver "adb-interface" for "A1" device.
  12. Stable up to 1152, working up to 1228. But i increased voltages too.
  13. No reason, because Want know if we got Hardware Acceleration yet. Short answer NO. We need an msm-3.0 kernel to get it working properly. (There is no way around this.) and it's too bad.
  14. My phone freezes too many times per day (( I dont know why - this rom, "wrong" sdcard or hardware error?
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