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  1. I thank you for your answer. OK, i'll go on editing these files under mode9 dll and try it then. I'll warn you if it works :)
  2. Hi everyone, After reading the posts from SpeedFrog and Ajeshm about Manila Sense 2.5 on the Samsung section, i felt like installing this piece of software on my LG GM750, 'cos i find it great! :) You know, i just hate the installed S-Class interface from LG and I'm definetly not fan of the SPB solution. :lol: Ok, the whole community claims it's not worth porting this 2.5 version to QVGA or WQVGA because of some incompatible OpenGl 3D drivers, so some winphones like Omnia is declared 'not working' ! What I did is install the cab on a clean Rom, the 10c updated with the officail LG update tool, and you know what ? It's WORKING ! :D The only issues are, because of the VGA resolution, too large icones and texts, backgrounds and stuffs, and the HTC footprint which causes an error of authenticity :D Any other things seems to be working like a charm. I say 'seems', cause I cant see the whole screen ! So, i decided to make a small java program (somekind of a script) to reduce all the resolution's references from xml files like 'pos="0,0,480,800"' half the size to 'pos="0,0,240,400"' for exemple... But I'm stuck, it's still showing like it's a too big (VGA like). If someone is interressed in this thread, i'll send you pics of it, proving it's working... I'd really appriciate any help. It's my first port, and would even be my very first contribution to the WinPhone world ! Many thanks dudes :)
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