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  1. t-bon3

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    V5.0 running well on my Open C, no boat just a nice clean KitKat build. Not bad for what it costs.
  2. t-bon3

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    Oops, apologies, got a little confused there! :blush: Long weekend. Thanks for the quick reply Konstat. Just keeping an eye out in the unlikely event that ZTE decide to release an Android L test build.
  3. t-bon3

    ZTE Kis 3 / ZTE Open C stock ROMs

    @hecatae Do you have some kind of script or scraper that digs these links out of the ZTEDevices site? If so can you let us all know when new firmwares appear in the list? Great work on this. Thanks
  4. Can Kis 3 android ROMS be flashed to the Open C directly? And vice versa? Asda has the Kis 3 (unlocked?) at £40 http://direct.asda.com/ZTE-Kis-III---Android-Phone/008742056,default,pd.html Fairly sure the description of a MSM7225A chipset is wrong.
  5. Nice rip of my HUKD thread. :P Will get my hands on my new Open C next week, looking forward to trying out a new mobile OS after 5 years of Android :rolleyes:
  6. t-bon3

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    Yes looks like most people are getting their unlocks just fine, I've unlocked 2 Tesco Moto G's today, an 8GB and a 16GB. Looking at the purchase history on ebay, smgreen1969 has unlocked almost 6,000 Moto G's and mnz.technologies.ltd nearly 7,000, both of them are unlocking more than 100 Moto G's a day. :ph34r:
  7. Long pressing on the WiFi icon will turn it off or on
  8. t-bon3

    You CAN relock the bootloader but...

    Yes this modded logo.bin removes the warning message but if you boot into bootloader it still says UNLOCKED in big yellow letters. You have to flash the stock ROM before re-locking the bootloader and you can't flash the modified logo after you have re-locked the bootloader,
  9. t-bon3

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Yes it's an unofficial repository. However, with a locked bootloader the phone will not accept anything other than Motorola signed image files so it's safe as houses.
  10. t-bon3

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    The theory is that the retail version will receive the 4.4 update as soon as it is ready. But with Tesco firmware you would have to wait until Tesco approve the update.
  11. t-bon3

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    Yes that's the correct system version from the GB retail firmware. I'm guessing you used the windows .bat file. The problem is the script has not erased your /data or /cache partitions so the system has been updated but kept all your old data. This is known as a 'dirty' flash :o and is not recommended. It will probably work OK but you might get some random "unfortunately ..... app has stopped" errors. If this happens then you need to go into Settings, Backup & Reset and do a Factory data rest.
  12. t-bon3

    How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    I've downloaded the r2 version, there seems to be a difference in the script between the windows and mac / linux versions, specifically in the erase commands the mac/linux has a space fastboot-moto erase cache but the windows has a single command fastboot-moto erasecache From testing it looks like the mac/linux version is correct.
  13. t-bon3

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Just out of interest does doing a full flash re-lock the bootloader?
  14. t-bon3

    Unlock the LG Optimus L3 2 for free?

    Well I've unlocked 5 of Tesco Mobile L3II phones, using codes from an ebay seller, 99p each. Quicker and safer than risking a bricking! The seller I used is eunlockers but there may be others.
  15. t-bon3

    SIM lock status

    Well the old version of the unlocking page was archived by the 'wayback machine': http://web.archive.org/web/20130122203449/http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/474187 The argument would be that these are the terms you accepted when you agreed to use their service, the new 6 month rule should only apply to people joining the service after the new policy was published.

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