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  1. Oh yeah, the replacement LCD was from ebay for $25 including shipping. Cheers, -Russ
  2. Hey guys, thanks a lot! Using your disassembly guide I was able to replace the cracked LCD screen in my dad's 2125. With regards to replacing the screen, here are a couple pointers: 1) the LCD ribbon cable has a bit of see-through orange adhesive tape that sticks on top of the motherboard connector. It's necessary to lift this tape (with a screwdriver or somesuch) before you can pull out the ribbon cable. 2) the adhesive tab is also very useful when you're inserting the ribbon cable for the new screen. I grabbed the tab between my thumb and forefinger in order to pull the ribbon cable into the motherboard connector. First time around I didn't do this, was unable to get the ribbon cable fully inserted, and just ended up with a white screen when I turned the phone on. Tried it again, got it fully inserted, and now the phone works perfectly. Thanks again! -Russ
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