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  1. Wonder if a custom rom could be made that deletes the check for the tesco server. I did ring Tesco they said they are getting load nof calls about this and 2nd line are familiar. The tablets are made by Wilstrom Corporation, wonder if they can provide a firmware with no branding/check? Pain in the neck this, flashing the unbranded rom from here doesnt work either.
  2. I called tech support, the advisor said he is getting 30 calls a day about this and 2nd line are aware. Just thought if there was a custom firmware that removed this check then that would do the job sooner. The tablets are made by Wistron Corporation, was going to email them and see if they have a non branded firmware we could flash?
  3. Ok I have reset my Hudl and its now stuck on the wifi page. Upon investigation once you connect to wifi the Hudl connects to the Tesco server and with that being down it puts us in a loop back to wifi screen. Question is can anyone make a custom rom and remove the tablet from looking for the tesco server?
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