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  1. Okay there is this really annoying thing my E650 does. When I have WiFi enabled I set it to switch off automatically when not in use to save the battery however when it does switch off there is a loud beep to let me know it has been switched off. Who the hell thought of this feature?!?! I set it to switch off automatically and as a result it gives me an annoying BEEP to tell me what I already know! Is there any way to turn this beep off without setting the profile to silent?
  2. Okay I've managed to follow the service manual and have the new screen in now. (The screen was cracked). Thanks!
  3. I am trying to put a new screen into my E650 but can't seem to get it open. Does anyone have a guide to getting access to the screen? I've looked everywhere and all i've found is the service manual but that tells me how to disassemble the entire phone not just get to the screen. Is there a user-made guide out there?
  4. My MPx200 arrived yesterday (brilliant phone bwt) and all was well until later on that day It suddenly stopped making calls. I had no credit on it but when I made a call it would just redirect me to orange telling me to get more credit. Now when I make a call it gives me an error saying: Unable to complete the number as dialled. Verify the number and try again. It's the same story for all numbers, I can't even ring the number to top-up. The only thing I can think of that may have affected it in some way would be I decerted it using the CAB files avalible. I can't think why it would though.
  5. Hi I have just orderd an MPx200 off eBay as a secondary and sort of 'experiment' phone and have a couple of questions to ask. First of all, I have seen a higher capacity battery on ebay (1.7Ah) and was wondering if anyone knows how good these are quality-wize? I know some batteries on eBay are poor quality and either don't work or carry the risk of explosion ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeWq6rWzChw if you think explosion is an exaggeration :D ). Also, I know poor reception is a classic trait with the MPx200, so I was wondering if anyone knew the exact location of the antenna and what it is like. I was thinking it might be possible to actually replace it with a better one. The frequency of mobile phones in the UK is 1900Mhz so it has a wavelength of 16.6cm. Is there space in the phone to fit this in (Coiled obviously to save space)?
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