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  1. Hello I have just made the move from windows mobile to android and I have a question. Can you use a bluetooth headset paired to your phone and plug that phone into a big speaker so as to use the headset/phone as a wireless microphone. This seems like a very simple idea but can it be done and what software is required? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I think the stylus is a really good idea. Its one thing to be able to use your thum/finger to wack an icos that 1/3 the size of the screen but its lost all the lovely precision that having a stylus gives you. Just because Apple/google have done away with it does not mean its not needed. eg the right click of a mouse. I was thinking about this the other day when i read an artical about using capacitive displays with gloves on. Which does not work. you have to deglove and get cold hands in order to use the screen and you cant use a regular stylus it just doesent work. 15quid does seem a lot especially when you can use conductive thread.
  3. Hi, I have been reading through pages and pages of messages, and its got me quite confused. so i though id just ask a few questions before i flash to reduce the risk of bricking my phone, hope someone can help me... I am in the UK and using a samsung omnia i900 on Tmobile PDA:i900XXHH7/BOHH5 (XX=UK HH=2008 Aug version 7 / BO == T-Mobile, Germany HH=2008 Aug version 5) PHONE:i900USTII 1) is this the latest official Tmobile UK ROM? 2) So i take it you dont have to flash Hard SPL like on some other phones... 3) does pre flashing the CF03 only apply to american i910s and not uk i900s? and therefor its literally as simple as installing the modem driver for xp, plugging in, and running the updater...
  4. is there any way to boot a tytn2 into safe mode or selective startup?!?! so as to disable the homescreen from running... because I installed the touchflow2d and was playing about with the weather when it crashed and the screen froze. iv restarted the phone but as soon as the homescreen starts to load it freezes again (every time), i can just about get one click off when it freezes, and plugging into the computer to do an activesync doesent work, this is most annoying as i have added several important contacts since my last sync and have a few mb of data on the phone... perhaps there is a command line option for taking an image of the filesystem ;) i realise the phone isnt totally nackered cos i could do a rom reflash or hardreset which should fix it, but would loose all my data, but i also have 2500sms in my in and another 2500 in my outbox that i really should have backed up by now :wacko: bah!!!! help please
  5. Dear Friendly Forum Foke I have just found my old SPV M3100 which i think is called the hermes... operator : rom : date : 05/21/07 radio : protocol : 32.71.7020.12h So after a little hunting i found --> ftp://xda:[email protected]/Herm..._Unlock_v3a.zip which im guessing should unlock it so i can use it on any network in any country, so i can take it on my travels and buy local sim in whatever country i happen to be in. But im guessing that there must be a newer version of the rom... a quick search finds me --> http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/S...d=1044134915191 would you say its safer to stay with an orange rom, or should i be trying a non orange rom, and if so which one... id love to give wm6.1 a try but which one would work on my m3100? Its basically the same as the tytn2 but without the tilt and built in gps and a 2mp camera instead of 3mp, not that the ccd is any good on either. advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. superdannyj

    Free Data

    I thought, "data is too expensive, ill just use wifi" but since people are getting 250mb free, i want some too!!!!
  7. I just tried and it said voucher expired on the 4th :D im gutted i wanted...some way of charging my phone in the car whilst still useing the wired headset http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=158195 http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=159299 http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=161656 http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=140425
  8. superdannyj

    Free Data

    I tried that and they said since im only 6month into my 18month contract i would have to pay 550quid in order to leave... hmmm bah, orange used to be so good, but the last 2 years or so have not been as good as they used to. But then again i dont use them for photo/video or data cos i use wireless, and if i had a data bundle id use it to send pics/video/voice/msn/irc rather than pay sms/mms charges. It would be nice to have some data tho
  9. bah! iv got used to the change in direction and im finding the tilt really useful. if only they could slide in both directions a bit like (dare i use the N word in here) the Nokia N95
  10. does the redfly send the display video over bluetooth to get the output on an external screen? and if so does that mean they could release a redfly without build in screen/keyb/mouse so as to achieve a similar result but without limiting onesself to a 7inch display and non full size keyboard. as in hook it up to a crt/tft/projector of choice, surely that product would generate more interest!?!?!
  11. I got tom tom working fine on my old orange spv m5000 only thing is the boot screen looks tiny, but i bet you can change the picture if it bothers you yay for touch pro, i want one... does it tilt like my tytn2? or just slide like the m3100???
  12. What implications does that have for upload speeds???
  13. superdannyj

    Free Data

    I used to be on 500 mins for 25quid a month (which was matched to three years ago) which got knocked down to 500 mins and 100sms for 20quid a month and then the following year to 5quid a month which was pretty good, but this year (Jan 08) I needed 3 handsets so got moved to venture 700 with 40% extra for going on 18month and a bonus 400 mins which comes to a total of 1380mins a month and 1000 sms's shared between three users (handsets were two tytn2 and one motorola) including orange care for 75quid a month inc vat, but no data. I just called 345 and was told data is currently 3quid per mb but could have either 250mb bundle for one user @ £6.34 or 1gb single user bundle @ £17 and 250mb shared bundle was some silly price... i thought orange had capped data charges for daily, weekend, and week/month hmmmm....
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