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  1. That's Batti, the battery monitor, it'll slide down to yellow then red as you use the phone. You can uninstall it in the usual way if you wish though.
  2. Looking for a particular version of Manila for use on your TLR Diamond ROM? Then look no further! Manila .30 (standard on TLR Diamond ROM 2): http://theloanranger.romraid.com/tlr-manila.cab Manila .38 (standard on TLR Diamond ROM 3): http://theloanranger.romraid.com/tlr-manila-38.cab Manila .30 as shipped on T-Mobile UK devices: http://theloanranger.romraid.com/tlr-manila-tmobile.cabNote: This install also includes the T-Mobile TSK file. After install, go to the 'Today' settings and select the T-Mobile theme!To install, just run the CAB. Note: Uninstall and install process will take a LONG time! Once again, these are ONLY tested on TLR ROMs. MORE VARIATIONS TO FOLLOW! :D
  3. NOTE: ENSURE YOU READ THE WHOLE OF THIS POST, PARTICULARLY THE 'YOU MUST READ THIS' SECTION! Update: Looking for an alternative TouchFLO 3D / Manila style? View this post! Introducing... TLR Diamond ROM, based on the the 1.93.456.2 ME release (thanks Tom!) with the .05 radio. What's In .net Compact Framework 3.5 'Additions' - performance and configuration tweaks AppToDate for OTA updates of ROM and 'additions' Donate client for donations Adobe Flash Lite UNINSTALLABLE and updatable TouchFLO 3D (Manila) UNINSTALLABLE and updatable Opera 9 Batti battery meter repack (uninstallable) The very latest of each component at time of creation is included Incorporated MoDaCo UK localisation (OTA updatable via AppToDate) Compressed / Optimised Office Mobile Compressed / Optimised Adobe Reader Compressed / Optimised Esmertec JVM Repacked / Optimised TouchFLO 3D (Manila) installation Repacked Opera installation Cyberon Voice Speed Dial - download Cyberon Voice Commander - download Google Maps - download OneNote Mobile - download Remote Desktop Mobile download RSSHub - download TouchFlo 3D UK T-Mobile style - download .net Compact Framework 2.0 (the included 3.5 is backwards compatible, and has a significant performance boost) AutoUpdate by Microsoft (unused!) Welcome Center Some sample music files from 6.1 base The aim of this ROM is to create one that looks and feels as stock as possible, while still getting the latest and greatest in there. IT IS 'STOCK' IN LOOK AND FEEL. How to install [*]Install HardSPL on your device from here [*]Ensure the device is hooked up and ActiveSync is showing 'green' [*]Run this update to flash your device That's it, you're done! Known issues [*]None YOU MUST READ THIS TouchFLO 3D has been repacked for this release to allow uninstall and future upgrade without a whole new ROM core. There are two implications of this. 1. When you do the first boot and it installs stuff, the TouchFlo install will appear to freeze, and will take a number of minutes to complete. Don't worry, it IS working, there are just circa 950 files to install! Be patient, and all will be well. Go get a beer. Talk to the wife. The watched pot never boils. etc. :D 2. If you want to uninstall TouchFLO 3D (from the regular remove programs) menu, you MUST disable it from Start -> Settings -> Today, and then you MUST be aware that uninstall will take a LONG time. Actually, not a LONG time but a REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG time. You will probably think it has crashed or isn't going to work, but have faith - it will. :D Credits Paul for AppToDate, everyone who installed the last ROMs, XDA-Devs for HardSPL & CustomRUU (Olipro, cmonex!). You all rock! :angry: And Finally If you find any issues, post them here and i'll do my best to fix! Live install / update counter (unique users):
  4. Would you like a MoDaCo themed splash screen on your Diamond (as shown below)? Then run this EXE (HardSPL required of course). :D
  5. A new version of the 'additions' is now online directly in ROM via AppToDate. Included are: - updated EnlargeStartMenu from ME ROM - updated TaskManager from ME ROM - updated VolumeControl from ME ROM - updated XT9 from ME ROM - updated YouTube from ME ROM Update is approximately 4MB. This reportedly resolves memory leaks problems on the shipping UK / Europe ROM!
  6. If you have a UK / Europe ROM Diamond, you probably don't have the Diamond version of Adobe Flash Lite, shipped on Asia ROM'd units. You can download it here.
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