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  1. Have you tried the google maps app? That worked with the internal GPS "out of the box" for me.
  2. Several months later and I can STILL only sync the phone via a USB cable. Same sim card, same exchange settings, work absolutely fine in my old i600. Touch HD.... nothing. Has anybody else had this issue or found a solution?
  3. Hi M2te, Thanks for the response... Web access works fine (exch. 2003)... It's like Activesync on the phone can't connect via the phone's data connection for some reason. Cheers Simon
  4. Hi Everyone, Has anyone else had this problem.... I've got internet connectivity in all other apps - YouTube, Opera, Google Maps, etc - but I can't connect to Exchange. It sync's fine when connected to a PC (have tried both vista and xp boxes) but not via it's own data connection. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be much appreciated!
  5. thanks for the responses... Are the PAYG plans ok with you immediately porting a number out as soon as it arrives? Or do they make you stay for at least a month or so? Would you recommend any network in particular for being efficient at getting it done? I guess that's a "who's got the best customer service?" kind of question!
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a new phone from Expansys on a T-mobile contract, but I already have a T-mobile account and would like to stay with them. I've rung T-mo customer service and been told that they will not transfer a number to another account and will only transfer to another network. Strange way to try and retain a customer if you ask me! Can anyone tell me if this is the case or did I get somebody who doesn't know what they are talking about? Alternatively, has anyone here done anything like this before and is able to advise me on the hoops that need to be jumped through? Cheers Simon
  7. Hi All, What sat nav software is everyone using on their i600? I've heard varying reports of Route66. Ideally I'd like Tomtom as I could then also use it if I get a Kaiser when my free upgrade comes round in a couple of months... but I don't think there's a smartphone version and I believe it's locked to a MiniSD card (?) Any recommendations? Simon
  8. I guess the camera being there would explain the width of the device. Surely it must be a swivel screen.... Usability would be horrible otherwise... You'd have to have it fully open even for making calls.
  9. I was hoping it would have been a little smaller than the universal... although, if the renders are to be believed, those measurements don't seem quite right. for example... My dodgy maths skills worked out that a 4" 800x480 should measure about 88mm x 51mm which is about 6mm narrower than the universal's, so they must be planning to leave a lot of space around the screen. On a side note - and because i'm a bit sad - I took an opera window and resized the viewing area to approximately 800x480 and then set the zoom to about 70%. Based on that this is going to be a seriously usable mobile web device!
  10. Hi Xippon... Is that an opinion or do you have some sort of inside information? Wouldn't the Cingular and T-mobile updates have to be branded versions of a ROM developed by Samsung?
  11. On my old MDA Pro (HTC Universal) there was an option in the "comm manager" to switch DirectPush on and off so, if necessary, I could conserve battery life and just do a send/recieve manually. I can't seem to find a similar option on the i600. Can anybody tell me I'm being blind and point me in the right direction? Or is this not possible? Many thanks Simon
  12. Working for me too on an MDA Pro (HTC Universal) with a nokia HS-12w stereo headset. However, I think i've just discovered an annoying little "feature" that could be what separates the UK and US version and I'm guessing it's something to do with international dialing codes. Try dialing by number... lets say a typical UK geographic number with 01... area code. So we activate VC and say: "Dial 01234 567890" No matter how slowly and condescendingly I talk the damn thing will always say 01134567890 and then politely ask me if that is correct. I say no, it asks me to try again and I am hence locked into a vicious cycle. Sadly I don't know many people in Leeds or it might have been less of an issue.
  13. Am I missing something... the page for the MDA pro rom at the link above says this:
  14. deadphil: From t-mobile... it's their new "Web'n'walk" bundle.
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