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  1. Have been wondering about this as well. Now just have to work out how to get it working on Linux...
  2. 1) No, the only ports on the device itself are mini-HDMI, microSD and the Asus proprietary connector. I had the same difficulty getting an answer to this question til I bought one! There is supposedly an adapter planned that will allow you to connect USB to the proprietary connector - like the iPad camera connector kit. 2) Not sure about this one. Obviously the lack of USB port is a drawback, but not sure if it'll work with the USB adapter. I know some developers on XDA managed to get the Archos A101it to work with a 3G dongle (the Archos has a full size USB), but it did require them creating additional kernel modules/drivers. 3) I'm pretty happy with the build quality. The rim is metal, and the back is plastic, but I think it feels sturdy and solid - not too heavy. Plus, the colouring of the rim and back make a pretty nice match to the Desire's colours... Hope that helps!
  3. Yep, your build number shows you are running the firmware. This is the latest firmware and, so far, hasn't been rooted. You will need to downgrade to firmware before you can root. Once you're rooted though, there are a few custom ROMs based on .13, so you won't be downgraded for long!
  4. Sadly, I'm also one of those who can't get this to work. Am running the .3.9 FW (downgraded from .3.13). Have put the file on sdcard, renamed as directed. Confirmed the sdcard has been mounted and used Root explorer to confirm the file is on the microSD and named correctly. Power off, then reboot into recovery by holding down key, followed by up key. I get the "unpacking" animation for a second, then the "Android with exclamation mark" symbol. Very frustrating!! NVM, ended up using rayman and bumble-bee's method - more complicated but works well!
  5. fisha21

    Galaxy Tab Email Client Beta 2

    Thanks for that Spike, did try putting: \[email protected] [email protected] \username username Same "unable to connect to server error"
  6. fisha21

    Galaxy Tab Email Client Beta 2

    Thanks for these files Steve, actually got this running on an Archos 101IT! Am also having problems with Hotmail messages not showing up. Have tried setting up as Exchange, using: Domain\username: \********@hotmail.co.uk Exchange server: m.hotmail.com Use secure connection and Accept all SSL certificates ticked. But I get an error message saying Unable to connect to server. Am I missing something. Also tried setting it up as IMAP, but Hotmail doesn't support IMAP protocol, as far as I am aware (sadly).
  7. Thanks for your efforts, probably the best framework set I've tried so far! Only one omission - when you set the ringtone to vibrate or silent, still seems to show the stock Android white ones. Look very untidy next to the other Smooth ones! Any chance of a fix? Looks like someone beat you to it, re-enacting the Battle of Hastings by burning down the pier!

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