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  1. Solved my problem with the distorted earpiece sound : I looked at other forums for earpiece problems on other phones and some people reported that sucking then blowing hard directly into the earpiece can reshape the speaker and solve the problem Well guess what... it worked now the sound is clear!
  2. I think I have the same problem, it sounds like when you put the volume too high on a crappy speaker. Rebooting the phone used to fix that but now it still sounds bad... Did you manage to fix your problem by reflashing? Hope so because if its a hardware problem i need to buy a new phone
  3. liquor

    FM Radio on S710?

    Motorola SoundPilot S705 seems to be a good candidate too - http://www.motorola.com/motoinfo/product/d...balObjectId=152 Any one used it on the Vox?
  4. liquor

    FM Radio on S710?

    Finally found something interesting : i-Tech Clip Radio Stereo Bluetooth Headset with FM Tuner Anyone ever used the headset?
  5. liquor

    FM Radio on S710?

    One feature I miss on the S710 is simply a FM radio (very useful when you want to know the hockey score and dont have access to wifi). Do someone know of a bluetooth fm radio receiver that can work with our smartphone? I would like somthing small that can be attached to my keys or stay in my pocket and integrates perfectly with the s710... Thanks
  6. Updates - Wifi Problem : I noticed that when I disable bluetooth the connection works most of the time (no more wep key asked after trying connecting for 30 sec) Could bluetooth interfere with Wifi??? - Backlight not turning off : might have somthing to do withCeleTask / FreeRam - when closing Power Tornado Control unproperly... also if I manually go in settings > Power Management and tweak values the registry key HKCU/ControlPanel/Power/Display is removed
  7. liquor

    Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    Depends what you gonna do with em... I got myself Jabra BT320s and its pretty good if your on the move (gym, jogging, etc.). Sound quality is fine for listening music and phone conversations but I plugged in other earphones (you can plug any 3.5 earphones into jabra bluetooth controller so thats a nice feature - the one included are ok but bass is poor). The sound can cut sometimes if you move especially when 4-5 meters away from the phone. Battery life is about 4-5 hrs as advertised. Be careful though when I first tried to pair them with my Vox it detected them as Headset only (not wireless stereo); had to plug it in the charger 3 times for 5 seconds!!! I dont know why but after this procedure they are detected correctly by the vox (headset + wireless stereo)...
  8. Been playing with my S710 for 1 week now and like it alot. Ive installed the basic utilities, overclocked with PowerTornadoControl, updated to latest HTC ROM, etc. But I still have 2 annoying problems: 1. Wifi network settings lost I have a WiFI network at home with basic WEP encryption (I know I know its lame but I have an old win98 laptop that connects to this network! I also have MAC address filtering anyways...). I configured the network and entered the 14 ASCII characters that makes up the network key. It connects no problem and I get an IP assigned dynamically by DHCP server... But sometimes when I enable the WiFi it tries to connect and then I get prompted for network key. Sometimes it work and others I get prompted for the key again and again. It happens once in a while ... any ideas? 2. Display doesnt turn off! Another problem that come and go... I tried editing/creating the Display value in the registry HKCU/ControlPanel/Power/Display and played with the power management in settings but sometimes it work, sometimes no. I noticed that sometime the Display registry key gets deleted (ie if I go in Power Management setting) or reset to a big value (only thing I could think of is TCPMP overwriting it) Hope someone can help...

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