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  1. Nah, I think they'd get in a *hell* of a lot of trouble if they got caught (it's happened already, more than once) and they do have some smart people working for them. I think the whole idea, however, is utterly ridiculous. In the first place, what is a virus going to do with the screaming 9600 baud connection on my phone? With that whole 5 or 6 mb of free memory on a good day? On a device that probably takes less time to hard reset and set back up than it takes to run an antivirus scan on it? Not to say some dweeb with more free time than common sense and brains won't write one, but it's about as pointless as that dweeb's life. The day I have to *seriously* consider running antivirus crap on my phone will be the same day I buy a six function nokia and never touch a smartphone again. I've already got a computer if I want endless problems with viruses.
  2. LOL! Maybe in some fantasy world that's true. In the real world, however, you register your phone with mitac and then they don't care so you go find rom updates on your own, hold your nose and hope for the best.
  3. Heh....yup. I all but stopped using this site when the ads and misc crap slowed it to a crawl on a good day and the moderators chopped up stuff so badly that it didn't even make any sense. There are other sites without the problems and barrage of advertising.
  4. Heh....if mitac wanted to do something strange they'd offer support for their overpriced last year's technology. And maybe fix their bugs in a rom update. That would be strange indeed. Short of that, they can cram it.
  5. LOL....well, since my message was altered so that this doesn't make any sense, I'll see ya. If I wanted paranoia this rampant, I'd hang out with coke heads. Don't think much of your users, do you?
  6. Personally, I can't imagine something like that being more than coincidence. Read-Only memory is called Read-Only memory for a reason and "some app"...hell, the OS itself...shouldn't be able to trash it to the point where a hard reset wouldn't recover it. My guess would be that something in the phone was marginal to start with and it was either bad timing (it's gotta fail some time) or the additional memory use or something fried it. A case in point: Years ago, RAM wasn't anywhere near as solid as it is today and you could get a PC with a couple meg of ram in it and it would work great with DOS. Then one day you would put windows on the machine and it would crash constantly and do all kinds of bizarre things. Was it windows? Well yes, but it only triggered the problem. It was actually the ram. A block of it would be bad but the address of the bad block was higher than the 640 kb used by DOS. Therefore, the computer worked fine with DOS and would fry with windows. But still, you could still use DOS after windows would crash, it didn't trash hardware or the bios rom. I do agree that you shouldn't just go installing any old crap you happen to find on a phone...or anything else. That's just asking for problems and you have no one to kick but yourself. Be it coincidence or not, if you put software obtained from armadillo or something on the phone, you deserve to pay for whatever damage it causes, but I just can't believe these phones are so fragile as to allow themselves to be completely ruined by an application of any type obtained anywhere.
  7. Well, given that 3G and wifi aren't options now or any time soon for almost everyone, it's pointless. In fact, this doesn't strike me as anything more than a novelty for anything less than a pda phone. Even Opera doesn't generate the interest it did six months ago and it's somewhat useful. I think a much more useful system would be using your cellphone to call your home number where you have a computer set up to translate between the cell call and voip. Sure, it's still a call and uses voice time but you'll be able to understand what someone is saying and you'll still save loads on what would otherwise be long distance or international calling rates.
  8. I have unlimited gprs and I still don't see a point to it. Oh boy, yet another text IM app that uses far more bandwidth than all the IM apps already out there and maybe one day it'll suck up all the bandwidth and cpu to have undoubtly lousy sounding voip on a....phone....that sounds great.....hmmm....what's the point again?
  9. Um...if what you're trying to say is that SonyEricsson has the best bluetooth then yes, I agree 110%. I was able to browse folders on the host PC, use the phone as a modem, use the PC as a speaker / microphone, move files back and forth at will....all kinds of things from as far as 20 to 30 feet away and the phone never once missed a beat. The best smartphone bluetooth, by comparison, is more an exercise in "why did they bother?" as long as it's within a couple of feet of the bluetooth adapter. Hell, the USB cable reaches farther than bluetooth. What a waste.
  10. Didn't work on my E200. It looked like it did kind of except the timer acted weird but playback had a couple of pops and buzzes and that was that. Oh well, got a Nokia and an SE phone that record just fine.
  11. Ewwww......I wonder if that's not a front for Nokia? They seem to like the same designs. :roll:
  12. I agree that the qtek rom is a dog, don't bother. I tried the i-mate and orange roms and found that they were identical in many ways, including power usage. That aside, I used each for several days and I ended up settling on the orange rom. Here are some reasons: The i-mate is app unlocked by default but prohibits some file actions via activesync no matter what you do. That means you have to use a file explorer on the phone to arrange your start menu, for example, which sucks in any language. Orange is locked by default but once unlocked, you can do nearly anything you'd like. Since I arrange files and stuff a LOT more often than I unlock the phone, orange was far less of a pain to use in that manner. Orange camera and MMS support is very nice and MMS is integrated into the inbox app, making the picture the center of the operation, not the app. In other words, you can take a picture and then decide if you need to send it via email or MMS. i-mate uses a stand-alone MMS app so you need to decide ahead of time if it's going via email or MMS. Also, the integrated MMS means I can put email, sms and mms indicators on the same line on the homescreen. i-mate lets me put email and sms on the same line but with mms being different, it has to be on it's own line which, more practically, means it's not going on the homescreen at all. Orange offers many more mms options, also. Otherwise, camera support (IA Style apps) are identical...neither takes better pictures or stores them any differently than the other. Take a look at the homescreen section here and note how many of the best rely on the "orange plug-in". One guess which rom supports that. Orange does seem to have a little more "branding" than i-mate, which seemed more generic. If you're the kind that freaks over the slightest bit of branding, i-mate might be better for you. I use my phone as a phone, not a personality crutch, so I couldn't care less about it. Doing a google search should net the i-mate and orange roms without having to actually own an orange or i-mate phone and doing a search here should net you instructions on how to easily move between various roms. Flashing a new rom is easy and safe as long as you pay a minimal amount of attention to what you're doing and don't try to rush things. Since the above reasoning may not matter to you and it is easy to move between roms, I suggest you download and try at least orange and i-mate. I wouldn't bother with qtek as it's pretty obviously inferior in important ways but if you want to, it's available.
  13. I think Smart Explorer can send files via bluetooth but I don't think there's a way to receive files. It's a pretty weak bluetooth implementation compared to any other phone on the market with bluetooth. Doesn't do much and what it does do it doesn't do very well.
  14. There's no such update for the E200 and probably never will be.
  15. Nice catch, thanks! This is the first real use I've found for gmail, too.
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