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  1. Hey there.. I understand focus has been available since few weeks but bad no idea it has front facing camera. Is it for real in the usa release?
  2. Trying to figure out if this is a defective focus that I have. My iphone connects very well in my bedroom to the wifi router (Belkin N+ 300) and I have constant connection. Bedroom is about 20 feet from router. However, my Focus keeps dropping connection at the same location but works very well when I am in the same room as the router. This tells me the focus cannot pick and retian up a signal and may have a weak wireless antenna as compared to the iphone. OR is it just this one device which could be defective. Anyone having issues with wifi?
  3. I have a BJII with Garmin Mobile XT working perfectly on it. Just wanted to know if there is any version of Garmin or any other software that is capable of Text to Speech that I can use on my BJII? I do not want to download maps and use the software instead.
  4. sabzimandi

    Suction Cup Mounts for my BJ2

    Would you please be able to share a photo of this. I am looking to mount it in my car as well but have not been able to find anything. Thanks.
  5. I am a real noob and have been following several threads. Here is what I have done so far for GPS activation and the problem I have after that: 1. Installed patch for BJII - moved cab to phone and installed from there. 2. Shutdown BJII and restarted. 3. Installed RegEdit from PC 4. Put link for GPSTest in windows/startup 5. Ran GPS Test and it detects satellites. Problem: Now, when I want to use MediaPlayer - there is no sound coming from it. When I turn off or turn on phone, there is no sound (when the 3G and bars appear). Phone does have ringtone. Is there a way to get the sound back? Any help is appreciated - Thanks.
  6. sabzimandi

    Samsung Blackjack II GPS... ACTIVATED!

    A real GPS noob here and expecting to receive my BJII tomorrow with AT&T service. I have read quite a few pages of info in these threads. I however have a couple of stupid questions.... 1. Do I need any AT&T data plan in order to use the GPS? If not, do I use Data per minute/KB then and get charged by AT&T? 2. Application unlocking that is mentioned here, does this mean that I can use Sim from any service on this phone since it is unlocked? Really excited to play with this and cannot wait. Please do reply. Thanks.

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