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  1. OK, so I'm not crazy :wacko: Mine did the same thing, I still can't figure out what I did wrong ;) can anyone out there help us...
  2. Omg this update has been one big nightmare for me... I have a red BJII that I bought when it came out, an I was initially so excited about this update (I was kinda pissed that AT&T didn't offer an instore update, but I've always been able to follow instructions so,) I was itching to install it, especially after reading that everyone was able to do it without problem. Everything went fine until step 4 of samsung's tutorial, the actual software update (I had activesync already installed and am using the XP version.) After installing and checking the modem drivers, I followed the steps for the update and got as far as the step 8, downloading software to flash the phone. On my phone's display it started as normal: Line 1: USB downloader BADA Line 2: USB initial OK (then, if I wrote it down correctly) Line 3: TX_ USB_ready command- 4 (countdown to 1) Line 4: PC connection :fail The red power led switched off and on the pc's screen the downloading box's start button, stayed greyed out. on subsequent attempts at the bottom of the screen it said; please check your board 'msm_res [phone] reset pin (forward arrow) low:off [PDA] USB cable power off At this point I'm incredibly frustrated and feeling a little stupid for wasting 5 hours on something that should've taken between 15-30 mins (I presume) so, please if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, or if you have any info on these phone prompts, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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