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  1. haha, well I got a great deal on it and it's allot better then my old Acer :)
  2. Well, I guess this ROM was the last one I used on my Liquid. Got a great deal on an Galaxy SII so I sold my Liquid. Keep up the good work everyone!
  3. I experience longer battery life with this MIUI release. Thats why I switched back to MIUI from CM7.2 ;) MIUI also seems faster for some reason. For example opening the app drawer in Launcher Pro on CM7.2 went very laggy as in low framerate. I tried LP on MIUI this morning and its smooth. Ofcourse that was just for testing since the MIUI launcher is great :)
  4. Willem van Oort, these liquids just run very hot. There isnt really something you can do about it.
  5. Sounds like an app is keeping your phone bussy. Check your running services and battery usage, maybe the app is on top of the list.
  6. I'm sorry to say, I went back to the stock rom :blush: The battery life is fine with 2G and low screen brightness. These things still bother me before I will use this as default ROM: - Auto brightness not smooth ( I don't like switching brightness every time ) - Battery life with 3G is bad, 2G is just too slow for me Since I travel in the train for 3hrs every day, battery life is important to me. I look forward to future updates!
  7. Try switching to 2G, it fixes the drain for me. So my guess is that fast dormancy is disabled.
  8. Hi all, still no word on the prox sensor? Today i noticed a high battery drain, i added the 2g/3g switch to the energy widget and switched to 2g. Now my battery goes on for a long time. So that lead me to the next question: is fast dormancy enabled by default? In the stock Acer rom, this can be turned on/off in the service menu (code: *#*#4636#*#* ). That option is missing in this rom, i searched online but couldn't find a way to check if it's on or off. Anyone here knows? My provider supports it so it should be turned on to save battery while on 3g. Thx in advance!
  9. That option is already unchecked, I can't find the "regular" on/off switch as in the stock rom for example. The proximity sensor still is active during calls and the battery drain is quite high now :(
  10. Anyone found out how to disable the proximity sensor?
  11. Just another question, where can i find the switch to turn off the proximity sensor? I noticed it's on and I cannot find the switch on it's regular place :P Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, just flashed this ROM and it runs amazing! I only don't get link2sd working. I formatted my SD card from within the recovery (made a 1GB ext partition). Then booted up the phone, started link2sd, selected ext2, rebooted the phone, run link2sd again and then it asks which kind of extra partition i have, so it can't mount the ext on bootup. Anyone else with this problem and what can I do about it? Thanks in advance! Edit: Nevermind! The new recovery makes an EXT3 partition, I selected EXT2 in Link2SD.
  13. I think i will flash this ROM tonight, looks like an good allround ROM! How is the battery drain?
  14. Wow a fully working gingerbread CM ROM?! Nice! You have allot of spare time youpi666, you bring new life to the Liquid. I'm already enjoying your latest MIUI release as we speak! I'm surely gonna try this one :)
  15. Where can we find the updater.apk? I checked \system\app but couldn't find it in there (still on V1.1). Grtz FeareX
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