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  1. Hi guys, Many thanks for the response. Yeah, I was also looking at the HTC Desire which does look like the more attractive option. It's a shame with what happened to Windows Mobile... Hopefully Windows mobile 7 will make up for the lost time :angry:
  2. Hi guys, I've been looking at a few options to replace my iphone 3gs and was considering the HD2. I wasn't sure about a couple of things and I hope you guys can help out in answering them :angry: 1. I use Spotify on my iphone, is there an official Spotify app for the HD2? 2. Can you use the headphones remote to play/pause/skip and answer calls while using Spotify? Anyone tried the Apple/iphone headphones with the HD2? 3. How good/bad is Windows marketplace? Any alternatives? 4. How is the battery life? If anyone who has previously used the iphone and switched to this can give any additional advice, I would be very grateful :D Thanks in advance!
  3. mmbecks7

    eXpansys offers sub £100 Benq E72

    Have u tried Skype on this? I wonder if it's able to run it smoothly and whether it's got the speaker problem as other windows mobile devices?
  4. Does the t-mobile gprs not work on the x500?? Was thinking of getting one....
  5. mmbecks7

    FREE CASH! Announcing: M:Panel from M:Metrics and MoDaCo

    What if I am on web'n'walk.I know I have unlimited internet usage but does it include upload? cheers
  6. Anyone?? How can I get my contacts from my mda compact to my mda vario? Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi I just received my MDA vario today and realised that it does not have xbackup and intellipad...I had them on my MDA compact..Is it just me or am I missing something?? Do u know where I can get them from? I need to restore my contacts and this is something I did not imagine would be missing! Thanks
  8. Hi For the past few days I have observed that the backup battery dies before the main battery. It gives me a warning that I should charge it. I find this quite confusing! It has not happened before and am not sure why its happening...I thought the backup battery only starts draining after the main battery dies (keeps ur contacts etc... intact) Any clues as to why this might be happening? Thanks
  9. Hi Does anyone know if the viking cards are compatible with the MDA compact? Any suggestions on 1GB sd cards and where to buy from? It would be really useful! Thanks
  10. Hi all I was about to buy an ipod nano until I came accross the apple forum and people were complaining about how easily the nano got scratched...Does anyone here own one and can confirm this?? It's a real shame if it is true as I will have to look for something else...It looks really nice though :o
  11. mmbecks7

    Orange Announce SPV M5000

    Just out of curiousity, what is SBS? :roll:
  12. mmbecks7

    hot spots

    yes but u have to use encryption on ur device!
  13. mmbecks7

    Event pictures, and a plea!

    That's awful what happened with the phone! Who would think of something like that when u r at an event trying to socialise! Really low! It's a shame though I couldn't make it on that day as I live in London...Nevermind, hopefully next time I'll be there! Hope u catch them!
  14. Hi I am with T-mobile. There is no problem with the reception/signal..They have a good service...But their GPRS cost is way too expensive...I used their gprs for a bit of browsing and I was stung by the phone bill... I think I will switch next year, as when I upgraded my phone they removed some of my minutes without telling me...But got that sorted after a few phone calls...I wasn't very happy :) Overall a good service but make sure that u r certain what u r buying...ask questions! Cheers
  15. Hi all! I recently bought a sony NW-E99 mp3 player and I have searched all over the net for a beltclip or an armband but no use! I can't believe sony doesn't make any for this one! Does anyone know something that would be compatible with this player? Would really appreciate some pointers! Thanks

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