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  1. Hi All, I've managed to upgrade my Asian (bought in Hong Kong) Graphite to WM6 using the O2 UK rom upgrade. I've posted my guide over on modaco, here's the link, good luck and hope it helps.
  2. Hi guys, if you're still looking, i've posted a guide on how I did mine, hope it helps!
  3. Hi All! Long time reader, first time poster - because I figured a lot of people would probably be interested in how to do this. First up, let me start with a disclaimer : DONT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO BRICK YOUR PHONE. Rom upgrades are always risky, and doing stuff like this can result in broken phones. If your not comfortable with hacking stuff and trying risky stuff on your expensive mobile, just leave it alone. If you do brick your phone, don't come crying to me. I'll laugh at you, possibly point and laugh, depends how i'm feeling at the time. - you do this at your own risk, as did I. Now, before we start hacking at stuff, download these free tools, yes just do it now, you'll need them soon. :) - The official UK O2 Rom Upgrade - it's been posted around a bit here's another link. - Active Sync 4.5 - ResHacker - We'll be using this one to modify the UK Rom Upgrade so it works on an asian graphite. - Mobile Registry Editor - We'll need this to modify the Graphites registry, so we can pass the region region checks. - This also the Microsoft's .Net framework installed to run. If you don't want to use this tool, use your favourite smartphone registry editor. Right here we go, i'll give 2 methods of upgrading, the first is the easiest, and uses the upgarde tool to do the upgrade, the 2nd is using a microSD card and loading the new rom via the phone's bootloader. Note: after doing this you'll have WM6 installed, but as its a UK rom you'll have all the UK O2 grps settings and crap installed. Write down your settings now so that you can remember them after the install and fix them up. Also, I reccommend using a backup tool like Jeyo's smartphone backup tool to backup your contacts/numbers/sms's and what not. Make sure your phone is full charged before doing this! YES FULLY CHARGED, not 50% not even 75%: FULL. Method 1 - Modifying the Upgrader Unzip the UK O2 Rom package, open ResHacker, and Open the Graphite_Upgrade_utility_V3.4.0.exe in Reshacker. Now we need to modify the part of the package which is responsible for telling you that the phone you plugged in is not an XDA Graphite. And its actually correct, as the device name for Asian graphites is something like "O2 Graphite" not "XDA Graphite" which is what the installer is expecting. SO - Expand the node in the tree on the left that says "String Table" and then expand the node "3". Click the "1033" node, and you'll get some text displayed on the right. Look for a like that says: 34, "Xda Graphite" and chang it to your device's name so it looks like this: "34, "O2 Graphite". Click File -> Save As and save the updated package as something like UpdatedInstaller.exe. If you try run the exe now, if will get further but it will still tell you that your phones default language is buggered. So to get around this we must change you phones registry settings to UK settings. So run the mobile registry editor, and browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEnls. You'll see a few keys here, and the 2 we are interested are DefaultLCID and SystemLCID. Double click both these and change the values to 2057 which is the localisation ID for UK, and close the reg editor. NOW run the UpdatedInstaller.exe, and it should take quite some time, but when its done, you should have WM6 running. If you like doing things the hard way or it doesn't work for you, continue on to Method 2. Method 2 - BootLoadingYou'll need a microSD card for this method, i used a 2gb sandisk card. Follow steps 1 to 4 from method 1 - you still need to modify the reg settings and update the exe. Open the modified exe in reshacker (not the original the one we modified). highlight the BIN folder, right click and select "Save [bIN] resources", pick a file name like BinaryOutput or something, it doesn't matter. Close reshacker, and go to the directory you extracted all the files to, there'll be quite a few but we only are interested in 2, the 2 big ones. Delete all of them except the 67,483kB and the one and the 1027kb one. Rename the big file (65mb or so) to Jupiter.abi and the smaller (1mb or so) file to Jupiter_SPBL.abi. These must be named exactly as shown including capitalisation. Copy these 2 files to your microSD card, either using a card reader or through active sync. Make sure they are the only things on that card. No other files/directories or anything just those 2 files in the root. This may not matter, but i'm not willing to take the chance. Put the card into your phone, and switch it on in bootloader mode: Hold the power On Button and the Joystick down at the same time. The phone will load up and you'll see the red bar count up followed by the green bar like a LOT of times, but eventually WM6 will be installed and the phone will start it up. Phew, well that took a while to type in, but I hope it helps people out with the upgrade. I searched around a lot for info and couldn't find any. If you now have a brick, sorry, but this is the exact method I followed, and it worked for me. Good luck! (Edited Method 2 - I had the file names the wrong way round)
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