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  1. Paul,Are you using the streak as a phone aswell or mainly tablet? Really tempted with one of these ,but id be using it as a phone mainly.
  2. Yeah cant believe its 7 years.....Think this was the first forum i ever posted on :D
  3. Ive currently got my SKY set top box connected via S-video and the audio connected via the AV out . Ive aslo got my CCTV camera connected to the video in yellow on the av in which shares the sound with the sky box. When i vew the camera im also getting the sound from the sky box. Is there anyway of having 2 sound inputs ( SKY BOX and camera) and have 2 outputs....So when i vew the sky box i get sound from the box and when i view the camera i only get sound from the camera? Many thanks
  4. This is what i used with my e220 http://www.dc-unlocker.com/ Worls fine....you need to use a unbranded dashboard as the default network dashboard wont work with any other provider. Also the dialers windows only if your using mac...so ive unlocked and unbranded mine and put the default 3.dmg dashboard for mac on a 2gig sd.
  5. Paul i know this is a bit random B) .....what HD camcorder do you use for your unboxings?
  6. Cant these be unlocked like the old voda dongles
  7. Stick: Modify the phone the way i wanted it. Outlook sync Tempt away: Having to tweak the phone out the box for it to work as a phone. I use to only buy winmo handsets ever since the original SPV tried symbian but always cam back to winmo . Since buying an iphone ..had the 2g since release and bought the 3g on release ive not looked back....love the thing...it just works and works well for me. Ive bought an X1 and 2x HDs in the time ive had my iphone but just couldnt give up the iphone. Only thing thats missing for me is a good turn by turn nav app.
  8. Got mine today.....the screen is incredible. Gotta install my software now....im hoping slinplayers going to work on this mahoosive screen :lol: :D ;)
  9. As much as i like it....i still think im going to sell it on. Anyone wants one....Black unlocked....let me know. Thanks
  10. Ok .....its not that good :lol:
  11. MS, Have you got your t-mobile sim using 3G on the G1? Ive finally got mine working but its only using gprs :lol: Edit: Fianlly got it working.....Im loving this things
  12. Im still waiting on an unlock code......Ive not maaged to test the OS either yet as my t-mobile sims been de-activated grrrr The G1 looks better in person than pics.......not sure if ill be keeping it though.
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