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  1. Turns out it was a clone - thanks for all your help - (tongue firmly wedged in cheek) :)
  2. Seems like it's the real deal but still can't get into bootloader
  3. I am going crazy trying to get my Elf into bootloader, tried all different methods but don't seem to get anywhere, I initially thought I had a cloned Touch but now know its the real thing but the bootloader is driving me to drink Any ideas?
  4. I want to re-pair my e650 to my Nokia CW Hands free kit following a re-flash, It works at the moment but poorly, I remember removing a "Nokia" entry in the phones registry before then when it installs a new profile and everything is spot on. Problem is I cant remember where the entry is and can't seem to find the answer using a search, can anyone help? DOH! It helps if i'd used the search properly, registry entry found - HKLM\Software\HTC\Nokia CK7W , just in case...
  5. Eventually got my phone to synch flawlessly with Vista - i sold the sp5 and bought a Nokia N80 - perfect - goodbye WM5 ;)
  6. If it turns out to have been damaged then i have a spare (on a faulty keypad membrane) that you can have FOC you would have be pretty nifty with a soldering iron though - its very small. Let me know if you need it.
  7. It's a lovely phone BUT ,,, in my opinion one of the most fragile phones i've ever owned in regards to the build quality, in just under a year of ownership i've had to replace the keypad membrane twice, i have had to replace the battery, the speaker has needed attention and now the joystick has decided to give up the ghost, BUT... don't let me put you off :) I don't consider myself a 'rough' user either, the phone still looks as good as new - always had a screen protector on it and a silicon skin(sometimes) and never been dropped. It's a shame really because it's generally been a very good phone.
  8. Try 'pocket bluetooth tools' Here It might just help you out..
  9. i have the latest version 1.0 release. have uninstalled it and re-installed with no luck. I connected once and the base drivers installed ok and i was able to browse the contents of my phone but still no joy with WMDC, once i'd un/re-installed no drivers were found on connection of phone even through windows update. WMDC must see the phone being connected as it brings up an error stating that it has shut down although i never see a GUI. I have done a hard reset but still no joy :) Apart from this i NOW-eventually have everything else on my laptop up and running its just this damn WMDC.
  10. When i plug my SP5 into my vista laptop the device is recognised but no drivers can be found?? WMDC is installed but not working - maybe related? I did discover tonight that if the phone is in bootloader mode then it's recognised and drivers are installed but when i bott phone back up and plug it in vista goes through the drivers search again? Any ideas?
  11. Right, sorry to drag this up again....but.... I have re-installed Vista once again, this time the sp5 is recognized in device manager under portable devices as 'windows mobile device' although can i hell as hell get WMDC to run! It starts to run but crashes, i have re-installed and still no joy. Very frustrating...
  12. Exactly the same here. Sorry to make this thread more a vista issue than smartphone...but...i just received an email from Lexmark support following my request for information for Vista drivers for a 2 week old printer that i couldn't install, their reply was '"The drivers for Windows Vista are currently not available. I apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you. At this time, we do not have any specific dates for driver availability. Please check our website periodically over the next few months to check the status of Windows Vista drivers for your product." Which probably means a long wait for drivers not just for my printer but numerous other peripherals too. My Laptop purchased a few weeks before christmas proudly displays the fact that it is 'Vista Capable', but i had numerous 'Unkown Devices' in device manager..... I seem to remember the same sort of issues with Xp initially too but they got ironed out - eventually.
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