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  1. Paul - any update on when the new version might be released?
  2. Hmm - the OP has 1,376 posts (at time of writing), so if he's a spammer he's been an extremely patient one!!
  3. Much as I dislike Apple's products, attitude and lack of concern for their customers' security and privacy, they have managed to completely corner the tablet market, and Android is playing a game of catch-up. People on this forum, by definition, will know more but to the man in the street, "tablet" = "iPad", in the same way that trade marks like Hoover and Biro have come to be commonly used for any manufacturers' products. I also agree that the Tablet is primarily a device for consuming (surfing the web, watching videos, reading books), whereas a laptop/netbook/PC is really required to be productive (write a book, create a film, produce a business report...)
  4. I had done the same, and got an email this morning from Tesco to say: This is an update on the following product that you asked us to track for you: Item 210-6015 - Dell Streak Tablet PC We're sorry to let you know that this product has now been discontinued and will not be coming back into stock. Well done to those who did get one for £199.
  5. Agreed. Shame that Firefox doesn't support Flash on Android yet.
  6. If you use Firefox 4 as your browser, then the new "sync" feature allows you to access your bookmarks from any device. Only problem is that Firefox for Android doesn't support Flash yet.
  7. For anybody thinking of getting a Streak (or looking for a spare or replacement), Tesco in the UK are now doing them for £199 SIM-free. Link to Tesco offer (There are now a lot of very overpriced Streaks on eBay!)
  8. You may have missed the boat - it's back up to £229.99 at Dixons.
  9. That's a 7 inch tablet, not a 10 inch, so not really a realistic comparison.
  10. I guess that DSG are giving people the choice between buying it in a Currys/PCW shop for £249 and having it instantly, or buying it through Dixons online for £199 and waiting a few days. The overheads of selling through a shop are much higher than online, so I guess part of the price difference goes towards that. What amuses me are the jokers who are listing them on eBay for £239. Let me think about this - shall I buy a second-hand Vega from somebody on eBay for £239 (plus postage!), or will I buy a brand new one, with full warranty, from a (relatively) reputable retailer for £199? Difficult choice ...
  11. What, exactly, is a "PU soft leather case"???? Either it's PU, or it's leather - it can't be both!
  12. What the fraudsters do is to take (often defective) small memory cards and alter them to report that they are much larger. So you get, for example, a poor quality 1Gb card claiming to be 16Gb or 32Gb. It's only when you try to write data to it that you find out. This web site: H2testw has a utility which allows you to check for fake memory. Although geared towards USB memory sticks, it also works with SD and microSD cards. I have used the output from it to win a dispute with an eBay seller who sold me a fake SD card.
  13. Just in case you have missed it (highly unlikely, I know), Dixons have just dropped the price to £199.99 today. Take 3% Quidco off and you're at £194.
  14. How exactly do you do this? I've rooted my Streak, but I don't see any mechanism for deleting/uninstalling those applications which were provided with the 2.2 build. Do I just need to delete the appropriate directories containing these applications from the internal storage (and wouldn't this still leave data in whatever Android uses as its registry equivalent?), or is there something that I have missed?
  15. No - 2.1A is just the maximum current (not "voltage" - this will always be 5V for USB) that the charger can provide. The Streak will only draw as much current as it requires.
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