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    BlueTooth Headphones...

    sound quality excellent (compared with HT820, which i discarded as it is ugly and heavy), but mic is poorly positioned It also drops out MUCH less than the HT820. best of luck! dopod 810 wm6
  2. rs123456789

    PocketSNES 1.53

    sorry i would like to add that i am running wm6
  3. rs123456789

    PocketSNES 1.53

    MasterAll: This is very impressive. my dopod d810 (htc p3600) runs zelda 3 with sound in both portrait and landscape mode. Thank you very much. I would like to request for the soft keys (keys on screen) to be added back on your next build. Thank you rs123456789
  4. rs123456789

    PocketSNES 1.53

    go to the first page :)

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