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  1. Not seen this posted before so I thought I would mention it. The BBc News tracker gives you access to the latest top stories from World, UK, Entertainment and Sports straight to your mobilephone. The list of devices supported according the BBC website are as follows Now the list isn't exhaustive as my N70 isn't mentioned but it installed fine and is working well(FLash Edition). Basically it seems as long as you have a Java enabled handset as mentioned above, then it will install. Just thought I would mention it as it's quite a nice little feature to add to the handset. And it's free (apart from your own data costs of course) The Full details are here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/help/4457508.stm
  2. Just had my 6680 unlocked here I can confirm it worked first time.
  3. Right basically if you don't add a data bundle on top then it's charged at ?7.50 per mb which yup is damn expensive but you can add a data allowance as per the other tariffs. I won't type them all out but here is a link to the data bundles you can add. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/Dispatcher?menui...nternet_bundles I could actually have Internet 55 which would give me 55mb of data on top of The FlexT 35 at ?35 So basically For ?60 I could have ?180 worth of credit for calls/texts/mms & voice mail plus the addition of 55mb of data. Not bad at all really, not bad at all.
  4. I think the GPRS is something that you are going to have to add as a bundle Paul. I am trying to find out how it all works on that score. Would be a shame not to include it within but then I suppose that would encroach on the web n walk tariffs?
  5. Anyone seen these? they look like amazing offers. http://www.tmobile.co.uk/Dispatcher?menuid=orphan_flext There are actually 2 different price plans and the higher one looks excellent. The only thing that seems to be missing for me is Data. Now I am happy with my web n walk Tariff and I also have a Vodafone Contract with STC that covers off the calls and texts but seriously if I was in the market for a new contract then I would certainly look into this offer.
  6. Right I did a quick search and could not find any reference to this file whatsoever so I will mention it here. (apologies if this has already been spoken about) I have no idea on these type of things but I have been sent a file called DJVW_HTC_Wizard_Optimizer_2.0.zip Now It is claimed to be able to hack the wizard and enable Wireless G? Inside the zip folder is a cab folder and within this are two files called Capnot~1.001 Htcwiz~1.000 I am very sceptical regarding this but as I have no idea about hacks or enabling hardware. I was wondering whether anyone else who is a bit more knowledgeable regarding this type of thing wants to take a look at this or has any thoughts regarding it? Tbh I don't have the balls to try it in case I mess something up. EDIT: seems someone else has the file and has proven it works since I posted this. See here http://www.modaco.com/WLAN_G_in_all_Wizard...s_-t235348.html ;)
  7. I made the jump, albeit early as my Orange contract doesn't run out until April but it was an easy jump to make. I took out the 40mb and 200 mins contract and it's definitely proving to be good value to me. I downgraded my orange contract to the lowest possible and the sim is now gathering dust somewhere in an old phone that gets checked every now and then. Didn't ever think I would jump to T Mobile but it was definitely a good move.
  8. It was probably the main reason why I changed from my m500. I must admit it has taken a bit to get used to but now I'm happily tapping away on it. Still make the odd mistakes as I do have large fingers but it's getting used more and more. Definitely worth changing for.
  9. Bit late in replying now as it's sorted but yes I had exactly the same problem, and got the same response from T Mobile CS. fianlly got a signal around 10am the day after (thursday)
  10. I have to say that I'm not experiencing any issues with it either? I did on my m500 as did a few people when you had to sft reset all the time to get your connection back. But no issues so far on my Vario
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