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    East London, United Kingdon
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    My third and current PPC phone is the Diamond as MDA Compact IV which I love and won't swap with anything in the world, yet!!!!- Wrong, just bought Touch HD!
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    HTC Touch HD
  1. D8LOM

    Samsung Omnia II Video advert

    Link not working, I get this message...
  2. That's madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. D8LOM

    HTC HD2 now "Coming Soon" on T-Mobile

    Looks great, I can't wait as I'm due for an upgrade in December! :D
  4. D8LOM

    Acer M900 reduced to under £200.00!

    Has anyone order one yet?...appriciate a short review.
  5. D8LOM

    Skyfire 1.1 now available

    Skyfire is still not work on HTC Touch HD? :D Can someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. D8LOM

    HTC Touch Diamond 2

    Is Touch Diamond 2 available off line anywhere? Already checked Carphone Warehouse and I don't trust the websites as the device is still new.
  7. D8LOM

    Late Emails from HTC

    I never got anything from them for ages and I'm registered with them since 2007.
  8. Thanks, I've been waiting for this ROM. Serously, about time!
  9. D8LOM

    Txt message preview

    Check your settings!
  10. D8LOM

    Phone unlocks itself

    You need to view Topaz thread for your device and play around with your settings. :)
  11. All our HTC Diamond/MDA Compact IV is useless with the standard battery!
  12. D8LOM

    HTC Firestone (Leo) Surfaces

    Looks good but I'm not too sure about the size, mmmm abit bigger then the Touch HD. Does anyone know if it's larger then an iPhone? :)
  13. Hi All, Does anyone know of an app/weather tap for TF3D that will show Pollen Count for a specific area? ;)
  14. Yes, me too! :) I wish T-Mobile rebranded the HTC Touch HD in their network but since they'll never will, Diamond 2 is my first choice to upgrade next.
  15. Wow this looks great, I can't wait for my next upgrade from the original Touch Diamond (MDA Compact IV)!

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