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  1. I have the same issue with mine. My friend got one yesterday. His was ok. No banding at all. I´ve e-mailed Samsung support with pictures. Waiting for their response. Response came just after i posted this. Image Link (Translation of answer: "That´s how it is with that type of screen, but we have forwarded your opinion") /Picarden
  2. Trying it right now. Works good. No "ICS" wow experience... looks like regular MIUI. Having trouble with volume up and down buttons. Other than that, ok!
  3. Can anyone confirm that screenshot service and extended powermenu works in GR5? (When the kitchen works... that is..)
  4. Ahhhhhh thank you. Read it... but i guess i´m to used with only holding down volumen down button. Thanks!! :D
  5. Cant reboot into recovery. I rooted the phone and verified that it worked. Then i installed recovery with "install-clockworkmod-windows.bat". It doesn´t give me any errors. The windows disappears, i try to boot holding Volume down button and i get an arrow symbol saying "S/W Upgrade - Please wait while upgrading..." i´ve let it be for 10 min still nothing. I can yank the battery out and boot normally. Any help is appreciated.
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