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    DJing, music,movies, hacking modding and tweaking my phone and psp<br /><br />http://www.djmoya.com
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    tmobile dash s620 Excalibur
  1. djmoya

    Duplicate contacts

    To hide SIM contacts go to settings - phone - call options - un check Show SIM contacts and then done and your set if you need anymore help hit me up :D
  2. It doesnt do anything that i could see ive made a backup and deleted it with resco file explorer
  3. djmoya

    how upgrade my t mobile dash

  4. QuickMenu v2.7 is there a simular program for smartphones? EDIT: Just found an answer to my question programs called SmartToolkit-1.0.0-RC08 found it on XDA forums :D
  5. I have a few smartphone games apps and emus heres a list EMULATORS smartgear -great sega emu pocketsnes -decent snes emu finalburn - great cps2 neogeo emu with tons of roms. Smartphone games Machines at war Atomic Cannon Java games Penguin catapult Hang man Puzzle quest Lumines Java apps Opera mini 4.1 beta smartphone apps Google earth toko tracker - music making sequence program - crashes from time to time whats programs/emus do you guys use?
  6. Hey guys just installed wm6.1 on my dash and its working almost perfectly just a few keymaping issues that doesnt cause much of aproblem at all :D heres a link on how to do it.do at your own risk... oh and remember to backup all numbers and files you want saved that are stored on your phones memory http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php...age=2&pp=15 Oh heres some stuff i love about it Less of a memory hog then the tmobiles wm5 and wm6 rom is a little more faster way better home screen threaded text messaging built in no tweaks really needed is great right out of the box
  7. Thanks kinda thought it had to do with the game even though it has the SP version Hopefully they will fix this in the future or maybe find a workaround to get text instead of number pad.
  8. djmoya

    Making Music On The Dash

    Anyone find anymore audio sequencers/trackers for wm5 or 6 smartphones?
  9. Glad all the bugs i have had with the last update are fixed great work Bitbank :D Testing Roms as i type this.
  10. New update tested and works on GameGear and Nes for my htc 620 but all genesis games load to a blank black screen and no audio i tried in different screen orientations and percentages with tons of different roms and have the same problem. Oh and exit game doesnt seem to work on the genesis roms as well. The update before this one worked great.
  11. Wow great work bitbank im glad i purchased this great EMU one of the only pieces of software ive purchased in years and well worth it. Im glad to support someone who actually listens and works with the community and offers a quality product. Hope to see some snes in smartgear soon :D
  12. Theres a nice RTS for the smartphone its called Machines of War check it out at http://www.isotope244.com/machines-at-war.html theres a free demo or you can buy it for 20 bucks. The demo seems fine enough for some quick rts action. Runs great on my HTC 620
  13. djmoya

    Playable Play Station emulator!

    I got this running on my htc 620 but such low FPS makes the games unplayable tried running GTA 1 and it was at 5-7 frames a second and overclocking doesnt seem to make much of a difference.
  14. Hi guys just wondering if any of you have experinced the same problem in this game or in any others. I have a htc 620 with wm5 and when ever i go into the game and try to type in the login screen for the game Shadow of Legend its using the Number pad instead of regular text input for W E R S D F X C V TAB A Z anyways to fix this? or is it just a game issue. thanks
  15. djmoya

    alert after text

    * Disable the "Message Sent" notification after sending a text message by following these steps: 1. Navigate to: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Inbox 2. Create a new key "Settings" 3. Create a new string value "SMSNoSentMsg" and set the value to 1 copied from http://www.htcwiki.com/page/The+Dash+FAQ?t=anon

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