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  1. To my knowledge, the T-Mobile T-zones plan (5.99) is meant only to be used for downloading ringtones and wallpapers and such, but it can be hacked to access the internet with certain phones. I was able to change the proxy settings on my Dash to gain access to the internet without having to pay $19.99 a month and currently have the $5.99 plan. It isn't hard to do, and you can find tons of websites that offer how to do it (http://www.htcwiki.com/page/The+Dash+FAQ) yet unless you're completely broke like me i dont recommend the use of this method. The internet based off the t-zone proxy is limited, because T-mobile has found out about the hack and features like Windows Live have been blocked off from the proxy. With the proxy hack my phone isn't able to receive or send any emails, whether it be gmail or windows live, and also a lot of websites running flash dont seem to work on it. Other than that, yes it is possible to access the interenet without having to pay the $19.99 T-mobile Web plan. Hope that helps
  2. Oohhh..... off course. I didn't know WM6 was different in the Pocket PC =o (BTW... anyone know which Adobe Flash works for the dash??) Thanks for the help.
  3. Hey all, i've been getting the unsuccessful installation message for a lot of the .cab files i try to put on my phone. I usually save them straight to the storage card and if they dont work from there then i go ahead and put them on the phone memory, but either way the same message pops up. Sometimes i just assume the program wasn't meant to be used with WM6, but it keeps happening to me with things that are said to run fine on the dash (i.e Adobe Flash 7 for pocket pc). Im i doing something wrong?? Thanks for the help
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