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  1. with the wifi hotspot being the only the issue right now, does anybody knows if there's any workaround (third party app e.g.) that could be an interim until trip fixes this problem once and for all?
  2. trip, can I say this is essentially based on CM9/AOSP/AOKP but you have customized based on your own preference so it no longer becomes "pure" CM9/AOSP/AOKP anymore? out of curiousity, what's the bad blood between you and Xda? I'm surprised that they took such a extreme policy on you. PM me if you think it's more appropiate..
  3. can't wait! sense is dragging the entire performance of one-x.. I suspect we need 8 cores just to run sense software :P quick question, would you be using the sense camera, or aosp camera? I assume it's the latter?
  4. Paul, i moved the two apk (emailgoogle and exchangeemail) to /system/app but it doesn't show up in the app drawer. any idea? I want to use this to bypas the security policy enforcement..
  5. can't wait Paul! do you find the offiicial 4.0.4 any better than the leaked one?
  6. anybody got problem using Facebook's check-in? Facebook will FC when I do that. so I'm not sure if it's a FB problem, or Modaco's firmware problem. Also, I seems to have problem now adding new account in the account & sync setting. it'll just jump out of the add screen.
  7. Where can I find Gary's rom? Is it stock looking (important for me)
  8. i keep getting empty page response when I try to bake a signed rom ... soemthing wrong with the kitchen?
  9. Hi Paul Would you add toggle 2g in your upcoming Tom? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=739530 [APP] Toggle 2G/3G (Tasker/Locale plugin) [v0.0.16 / 09-28] Supports MIUI and others! Or can I add this via the rom kitchen?
  10. I also got the Polaris office problem. Also, I noticed the Email now do not have out-of-office setting? Is it because you have chosen the stock Android email app instead of Samsung one?
  11. @Paul, I just sign up for your Modaco premium account (via filesonic) hope you can complete the setup at your end so I can start using your kitchen :)
  12. Paul, does that mean it'll root the arc as well, even with locked bootloader?
  13. no it doesn't, as far as the security feature is concerned. you can only do pattern lock, or you install a third party lock s/w, or you wait for froyo. while eclair has exchange support, its quite basic, and doesn't handle some of the complicated stuff like the reoccurence appointments. froyo has better support, but if you want to look for 'full' exchange support, I think it might be gingerbread or later.
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