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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII from Orange. Can someone please tell me how I find out the Hardware Version?
  2. I don't remember setting a password for mobile tracker but it won't let me change the setting without a password? Is this normal? I have an Orange Samsung Galaxy S. I've tried "00000000" with no luck.
  3. I've been looking online how to reset the "Mobile Tracker" password because every password I use is wrong and I honestly can't remember setting one?? I stumbled across this, where it tells you how to use "Voice Command". I have an Orange branded Galaxy S and cannot find such a feature, anyone else got it?
  4. bigdan

    Audio Questions

    You can get Car Stereos now with Bluetooth so you can listen to your Hero's audio and make and receive calls through the car speakers. You can also get Bluetooth car kits (search for Parrot Bluetooth) which allow you to keep your existing car stereo.
  5. You could always get a Parrot Carkit instead? You can then use any car head unit you want AND receive your calls through the stereo, AND play you music from your phone through your car speakers. :)
  6. bigdan

    Line 2

    Does anyone know if you can use Orange's Line 2 on the Hero? I've tried the usual holding down the hash key but doesn't seem to do anything?
  7. Does checking your bootloader version lose any settings or anything? If I have got the correct bootloader will the network unlock process lose any settings or files?
  8. Also, if you are on Orange and you have "Line 2", it could be a message left in your other voicemail box. I tried everything to remove the symbol a while ago then realised it was a message on my line 2!!!
  9. I emailed Orange Data ([email protected]) with my phone model, IMEI, phone number, Orange account number and account name on 28/08/06 and requested the unlock tool for application development, but gave up after no reply. Paul's "Warning Remove" CAB still wouldn't allow alot of software to work. 07/09/06 Email received from Orange Developers with attachment. Ran attachment and now have a fully unlocked M3100!!!
  10. Hi Andy, I get the same problem with my sandisk 1gb micro SD. I've worked out how to get past it, but not what causes it. When the phone locks, hold the power button until you get the warning about losing unsaved data. Choose "No" to cancel the shutdown and Tomtom works fine again. Would love to know why though!!
  11. Just wondered, is it possible to print direct from the M3100? Even if it uses a PC to actually talk to the print server? Anyone got any thoughts?
  12. Hi, got my adaptor & Card Reader now, download the said program. What option do I use to format? (FAT / FAT32 / NTFS)
  13. Does anyone know how to format a micro sd card in the phone as I dont have the adaptor with me. Is there software to do this?
  14. I dont have a card reader or adaptor with me, is there a way of formating the card in the phone?
  15. I purchased a 1gb Micro SD and promptly stuffed it with a few freeware apps and plenty of MP3's. When I rebooted, my M3100 asked if I wanted to search my new card for music files, I accepted, it searched and found all my files, but then told me I didn't have enough memory to add the files to my library. Since then, I can't select 'My Storage Card' in Media Player. Why has it dis-apeared.
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