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  1. landscape, fine.. but portrait ! oh no it looks dreadful .. but why didnt HTC push some decent tablets out ? . oh the things HTC could have done and oh the things they have done; right and wrong ! What a mixed up company the best have become.
  2. im looking forward to seeing some development work on modaco for my m8, the m7 content was invalubale a year ago, hope to see some stufz soon.
  3. i have the ota uk tesco update and can send you a link to download it. i cant install it as im rooted with twrp recovery and all it does is reboot to recovery and fails to install as an update so i dont really know where to go with the update anyway !! your welcome to the link if you want it though. . .
  4. i have the bottom left corner looking grey when a black screen is in view - it also makes the bottom bar look a touch grey at the left, im not fussed though, its a tiny little issue on a great budget device , if this was my HTC ONE i would be sending it back but on a TESCO 129 pound 16 gig device im not considering it to be an issue at all . everyone is different , all devices have potential issues .. ==PEACE==
  5. off topic just a little but does anyone know what functions the recovery list perform ? it has apply update in 2 positions and this leads me to think all functions are out of order , so much so i dont even want to risk a cache wipe ! any ideas? and the root method in this topic is brilliant, worked for me when superboot would not - genius work again from Paul. ==PEACE==
  6. EPIC blooming great flipin WIN ..! Cheers paul, i had the worst ever day at work and come home to find this - my Moto-G is now ROOTED :D big thanks again you have SOME skills fella .. . . . . . edited typo.
  7. ?? is it possible to flash the image by using something like fastboot flash boot boot.img would this flash permanantly flash the image instead of just one off booting from it ??? Paul - you got your tesco 16g rooted with no issues using a mac - i have the very same setup but no root here even using revision 2 of the exploit .. thanks for all your hard work again Paul, Android needs you :)
  8. I'm thinking the UK Tesco version is causing this problem. I may be wrong.
  9. bootloader unlocked as per moto website using oem unlock etc. but this boot image isnt doing a thing for root, no super user here and in terminal entering su dont work either so no root.. mine is tesco brand version but unlocked to any network with an unlock code any ideas ?? (( ( ( help ) ) ))
  10. New version installed - it caused instant reboot upon install .. ok though
  11. HI its 6 am and im about to go to work so i havent fully read all the thread so excuse if i repeat something previously mentioned. the toolkit mods were not working on some reboots and in xposed the reboot option wasnt working. so i installed ROM TOOLBOX which has its own reboot section within the app. using the soft reboot in this app but with fastboot in the rom disabled it is possible to reboot and all the xposed mods come to life. i have repeated this process 3 times this morning and it seems to work. im not a developer (crap at code really) but if i can help with a logcat or whatever then please ask ill read this thread in full later on. "HTCFTW"
  12. i think this camera bug must be varied for different users.. my camera will work some times and then just stop.. not just if i shoot before focus, i can take a pic and wait 10 seconds... take another and its stopped!! even if it was just a focusing problem its still a problem, i use other camera apps to test it and they dont crash or hang, so there must be an issue with the apk its annoying because im out and about taking shots and it will stop at just the time you need it to work. dont get me wrong im not whining about the rom, i have been using pauls roms since the hero rom for the g1 and have loved mcr roms on lots of devices, i have nothing but praise all round.. but a fix for this would be nice :) i wonder how it would react if i swap the camera.apk from another rom ? any one else tried this yet ? . .
  13. only the camera problem is making me remove this rom now, after 5 days i cant go on.. ill be straight back if a fix is found though oh and i used standard non kitchen rom so its not the shutter sound causing failure of shutter on camera.. thanks
  14. id like to know did itcost any import duty from france ? .. forget this , just found the website ... tax included . damn good deal. gonna buy . .
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