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    What makes you stick with Windows Mobile?

    I stick with WM because of the FREEDOM, to mod, upgrade, flash, customise, hack and generally do or run anything I want. With WM I dont have to worry about someone tracking my every move (ie google, has anyone even read the EULA for something like the location service on the new Manila? They actually say they will track your phone and data usage, why would I want that?) or being at the behest of one company's draconian rules and lack of customisation options (apple). I am currently running WM 6.5 build 28011 with Manila 2.5 (location features turned off) and it works perfectly for my needs. While far from perfect, I dont see anything in any other mobile os that would make me move from WM.
  2. Unfortunately the world is too busy trying to be the iphone for this to take off.
  3. efjay

    Stylus for the HD2?

    Or maybe all those people that use software that collects signatures on their WM devices? Just because apple has a device that doesnt use a stylus doesnt mean there isnt a use for one that does.
  4. efjay

    Apps don't make devices

    Its the typical marketing BS from Microsoft, guess they have to say this or admit publicly that they are getting creamed by other mobile OS's.
  5. efjay

    LG announce GW550 Smartphone

    Doesnt list GPS in the specs.
  6. Try Microsoft Myphone, backs up your SMS, contacts, calendar for free.
  7. Why not just leave it as a cab install? With this in the rom and autorotation disabled, how do you then reenable autorotation?
  8. I quite like Titanium 7, really gives the device some visual snap and havent come across any issues whatsoever. If its not added as default I hope the cabs will be posted but I for one cast a vote FOR Titanium 7!
  9. efjay

    Windows 7 RC1

    Thanks for the answers, only problem I have is finding W7 video drivers for my AGP ATI3650.
  10. No problems here after installing the fix and resetting, works as it should.
  11. Has anyone upgraded to Windows 7 RC1? I am thinking of trying it but not sure how flashing custom roms would work, if at all.
  12. To confirm Khuanchai, the 7 May lite rom you posted has the marketplace and Outlook Live? Also how do I get rid of the honeycomb, I prefer just the plain screen with highlight. Thanks.
  13. efjay

    Mini-Review: SPB Mobile Shell 3.0

    Great review and my thoughts exactly. Once you get past the flipping and scrolling it really doesnt do much apart from put you back to WM (which under 6.5 I dont find as ugly as everyone else seems to think) and compared to something like PointUI or Yrgo doesnt really compare to intefaces like TouchFLO and Acer's Shell 2.0.

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