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  1. That's a well-known "feature". The cord of the headset is used as an antenna, but without it, the reception is quite satifying. I've never understood why Samsung enforces the headset to be connected.
  2. Ok, assuming you're actually asking this seriously: there is no "WM7" (or Windows Phone 7) for this device and there never will be. Any legal issues concerning custom ROMs aside, the B7610 simply doesn't meet the minimum hardware specs for WP7.
  3. As you already suggest yourself, this isn't a problem with multitasking (WM is actually quite good at that) but a problem with memory management. The only workaround is to install a custom ROM with more free RAM. Use the search function for other thread regarding this topic, because there are plenty...
  4. How do you initiate the soft reset? By using the stylus in the little reset-hole, or by holding the power-button (= the end-call button) until the phone shuts down? WM uses caching to speed-up file I/O. When using the reset-hole, it could happen that the actions on the file system are still in the cache (and not synched to the file system), resulting in the magical "undo" of these action after the reset. When using the power-button method, the cache gets flushed and this problem should not occur.
  5. @mardevi: the delay is caused bij TouchWiz. It takes several seconds to rebuild the ToucWiz screen. The solution? Use the work-mod. This screen rebuild a lot faster.
  6. Gadget/wow factor: 10/10 Useability factor: 0/0 I tried this gadget several years ago (it is really nothing new, but quite old...), when I was still a hardware editor for several publications, at CeBit. To be honest: it's totally useless. No feedback, only one key at a time, doesn't work in a normal "office-like" environment because of the light. You'd better spend your money on something usefull. Just my $0.02.
  7. In TomTom or Google Maps, the GPS in my B7610 usually has a fix within the minute.
  8. My B7610 is about 9 months old (oktober 2009). The setup and use are about equal to yours: 3G/HSDPA every 15 minutes (Exchange sync) from 7:00-17:00, half an hour of calls, 2 or 3 SMS, and 5-10 replies to e-mails. I also use it as a radio at work, so 8 hours straight connected to the headset. The device is charged throughout the day (USB), but never at home. When I return the next day, the battery indicator is full or almost full (one bar gone). It lasts the entire weekend without charging (last charge at friday around 16:00) 'till monday 6:30 (one or two bars left). So it isn't a problem with all of the batteries. So the battery of my B7610 works quite well. A battery should last longer than six months. In Europe, the guarantee guidelines [of the European Union] state that a consumer device should last, without problems, for about the period one could aspect the device to last without problems. For a washing machine that is five years, a television three years, and a mobile phone two or three years. Even if the manufacturer states otherwise in it's guarantee text, the European guideline overrule this. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don't comply with these guidelines and than the only way of getting things done under guarantee, is by getting a lawyer or by working with a consumer rights organisation. Exposure in national media is also an option.
  9. What do you mean by "it has slowed down the volume of the speakers"? Is the volume too loud or too soft? I can't notice any significant difference in volume compared to the stock ROM.
  10. QFT! I tried this yesterday. It's quite fast, the data-connections disconnect when idle, and the screen doesn't turn on by itself. And the battery wasn't even half down after 24h. Quite a fast and stable ROM. Unfortunately, I really miss Sense :)
  11. After working with this ROM for a week or so, I have to conclude that it's not stable enough. I don't OC the CPU, the Samsung Settings are on "Auto", but still HTC Sense manages to "freeze" once every day or so. Another problem is the GPRS/UMT-connection, which doesn't seem to disconnect on idle (despite I set the time-out at 2 minutes). Another problem is the screen which keeps on turning itself on, despite the tweaking of the wifi registry keys. The result is an empty battery within 24 hours (with the stock ROM it manages to run three days), and a necessary soft-reset when Sense freezes.
  12. The WM 6.5 lockscreen is not removed, it can be activated by editing the registry (answerede several posts back).
  13. I know, I tried that already, but those settings don't seem to have any impact whatsoever. That why I asked about which settings specifically to ensure I changes the right ones. For some reason I can't get the "Level 2" performance you seem to have in the corresponding video.
  14. Daskalos, do you still need some help with this tool? (I've been a Windows / PocketPC developer for over a decade) No guarantees, only best effort :angry: I'd like to see some new functionality in this tool, like autostart after reset.
  15. To quote myself: I don't understand what settings should be modified in the Advanced Config tool. There is no such thing as a general "Advised" setting in this tool. Unless you mean to set every single setting manually to the "Advised" value?
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