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  1. Rik, You need to upgrade your version on your phone to ( with TTS) I had exactly the same problem and I was on on a TD2. Unfortunately its an un-install then re-install new version, but it keeps all the personal settings / preferences / favourites / recent places / POI's etc from the previous version. jonlad
  2. Just had a central update which has given the option of TTS at £3.59 / lifetime for Europe.
  3. Update now appears in central 2.0 for premium services. Costs £12.99 / year Just upgraded Diamond 2 Local search / Traffic / Fuel Prices all working. Traffic option gives speech warning, not seen any TTS on navigation though ie turn into Modaco Avenue
  4. jonlad

    email on t-mobile

    Thanks agent.m I got it all sorted a few days after the original posts.
  5. for"rubbish"read "intoxicated".... more black coffee please
  6. Put them in the windows folder, make sure you check show hidden and system files if you dont see it, turn on and off and then you should be able to select your custom tone.
  7. jonlad

    email on t-mobile

    Although I've had other devices do exactly that i haven't managed yet to have the TDII do it automatically. Some smarter will have tho' I'm sure.
  8. jonlad

    email on t-mobile

    No problem. You must change your network connection to "T-Mobile Internet" from the default setting "The Internet" Mail Tab Inbox Menu Tools Options choose the account not working Edit account setup Next Next Next Next Brings you to Outgoing SMTP mail server Advanced Server settings Network connection Change dropdown menu to T-Mobile Internet Done Next Next Finish Done !!!! Your welcome :D
  9. jonlad

    Question: Delete e-mail account

    Cheers my man, I didn't have the account picker set to open up and that's where the delete option was. Hooray Been messing round for an hour trying to do that.
  10. So the title says it all really. In messaging tools when the list of accounts is shown on previous handsets you could tap and hold the stylus and be given the option to delete that account (just checked on my VIII) but on the diamonf that option doesn't appear ? Any help ? Tried the manual no section on it. TIA :D
  11. jonlad

    Google Maps Car Got me!

    Didn't get me, but did get this guy... http://maps.google.es/maps?f=d&source=....96099&z=15
  12. jonlad

    Error: connection to localhost:3312 failed

    thank you it is indeed. 1.37am, lie in this morning is it ?
  13. jonlad

    Error: connection to localhost:3312 failed

    Ditto I'm getting exactly the same, last few days using google browser by the way. jonlad
  14. jonlad

    BBC streaming

    BBC i-player works on pocket pc through the skyfire browser which supports the flash content on my kaiser, and isn't bad on 3G and is perfect on wi-fi, sometimes sound becomes out of sync tho.
  15. jonlad

    Retrieving ringtones from older Panasonic phones?

    I used Box years ago too, and saved some of the midi files, the good the bad and the ugly, PM me an e-mail address and I'll send them to you. I tried uploading them here but got told not permitted. there's about 50, but like I said some good, some bad.....

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