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  1. I've flashed my sensation xl with an ics ruu and have discovered as a result that clockworkmod recovery can no longer access the sd card Also it has been noted at xda that if you flash an update.zip of the official ics on a device which hasn't had it's firmware upgraded the sd card is not accessible when booted. i've extracted the boot.img by running the ruu.exe and grabbing rom.zip from appdata/temp http://dl.dropbox.com/u/60387441/boot.img cheers for taking the time to have a look :-)
  2. and it's a peach of a first attempt. good work alpha and ab
  3. Was tempted to try one of the harmony cm7 ports but not gotten around to it yet. Anyone tried it on the hannspad? I think the ports at the moment are specifically for the smb-A1002 and smb-A1004's. The hannspad is smb-A1007 so i'd guess the hardware still wouldn't function quite as it should
  4. Stock can be rooted with superoneclick or z4root (only tried z4root myself though) and roebeet has compiled a cwm recovery for it which seems to be working well. There is one custom Rom for it over at slatedroid (tnt lite) which is an improvement on stock but the gsensor is not quite right Gtab and notion ink roms run on it but in general the hardware home, back and menu don't work and the volume buttons are back to front. The gsensor/screen orientation doesn't work or work correctly on them either be it froyo or honeycomb.
  5. I grabbed one from ebuyer and got the 53 variety. Very impressed for the dosh. Looking forward to it getting some modaco love
  6. I've sold my streak but spotted this on xda and thought you lot might be able to use them http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=928832 they've been ripped and modded to work on the g-tab but might work with a little tinkering on the streak mail client looks like a winner
  7. mine did the connection error for a day but its fine now. only did it on one account. both are hotmail but the one that stopped working was .com and the one that was fine was .co.uk it sometimes shows the wrong refresh time but put seems to be working regardless
  8. try setting up your hotmail as exchange using m.hotmail.com and then just use your full email address and password. you should be able to do this for hotmail.com and .co.uk accounts just make sure m.hotmail.com is your server setting. i use it with the default mail account. just doing a backup then i'll try this one. cheers steve :D
  9. Got mine today, email wasn't from sagar. Codes are generated from the imei so all will be different Cheers to the OP for this :unsure:
  10. i've heard nothing since just before xmas when he said he'd requested it. i've sent a follow up email so will have to wait and see
  11. an email plugin would be great. even if it was just the subject and sender displayed
  12. mines just turned up and it's doing similar to yours but it reconnects itself most of the time. i'm using steves 1.5.1 as well i'll try with the stock rom in the next couple of days and see if it's any better. i think a firmware update for the device is out in january. i'll see if i can find a link edit: it's borked rotation as well. it randomly rotates without movement so i've set the streak to no rotate
  13. rockplayer (all one word) in the market i'll try it with teamviewer uninstalled later
  14. I've just downloaded the new rockplayer update and you can now stream videos by entering the location into your browser i.e. http://192.168.1/media i've just tried it on mine trying to connect to my win7 pc but the browser just pops up a "teamviewer is installed on this computer free port 80 for other applications in advanced settings" error i'll have a tinker later and see if i can get it working but if anyone else has any success with it using win7 and teamviewer?
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