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  1. Hi Shakil. Unfortunately you won't be able just to add something to a compiled ROM. Either you need to have the sources and add the needed code or (definitely more easy) just use another ROM. I also still use CM7 as it is much faster than the new CM10 stuff. I made the best experiences with jventura's CM7 and he even updated his ROM in this summer (what is kind of new in regards to CM7). It has all possible CM enhancements. Everything's working fine. And you just need to install s2e from google play and you are able to move all apps to your sd card. Link is here: LINK Regards AF
  2. My recommendation: S2E. No issues at all, works like a charm. Look at the CM 10.1 thread - it's working on CM10.2 as well: Link
  3. When did you use Konstat's build the last time? There's a slightly changed S2E version by Konstat - with this verson it's possible to use your ext partition. I do use Konstat's last build with S2E and it works like a charm - without any stability issues.
  4. Any mirror, please? I am trying to download that file - estimated time: 3,5 hours. Edit: Thanks, ufizo. | | | | | | | | | | | | \/ \/
  5. +1 Permanently connecting and disconnecting - no stable connection
  6. Hi sami, I still enjoy your theme on Swedish Snow R3. Now R4 was published and after flashing your theme it causes a boot loop on my Blade. So I went back to R3. May you please have a look at your theme in combination with Swedish Snow R4, please? Thanks in advance. Edit1: Oooh - just took a look at the Swedish Snow thread and saw that KonstaT currently has a problem with reboots - so it's not recommended to use R4. So thanks for now, sami. I will try the corrected release with your theme and will come back. Edit2: Now KonstaT stated out that the newly created music control within the lockscreen caused the boot loop. But he also said that it will be needed to redo the themes for R4. See here.
  7. burstlam just published his 5.3 release: Using Google translator: [27.1.] [GEN2] based on source code 4.0.3 and CM9, source combined with the first 5.3 beta version Section 5.3 Summary: Update Advanced Management, long pressing the shortcut keys will enter the appropriate settings menu. According to TOMG amendments to address the Task Manager screenshot reverse the problem. Correction from a sense of version 5.2 can not use the calibration problem. Fixed some of the software by the close> restart stuck in the problem. Now try to fix the problem playing streaming. Known issues shortcut to open the flight mode switch reboot. GPRS data switch is invalid. After all, this software is not for the V880 ROMCONTROL original. What may be incompatible. I have sent email to the original author DEBIG LOG. To see if he will not do to help Download: http://115.com/file/be435jxn DARKTREMOR A2SD ICS application version: http://115.com/file/e7zdyfaf Maybe someone's able to provide a mirror?
  8. Thanks Sami. Works like a charm - no reboots anymore when long pressing the power button.
  9. Great. Thx, Sami. I just saw that long pressing of the power button causes a reboot. So I would appreciate it if you adapt your theme.
  10. Hi Sami, I enjoyed your theme on Moldovan R9. Now that KonstaT stated out that Swedish Snow will follow and Moldovan won't be continued, will it be possible to add Swedish Snow to the supported ROMs? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Never mind. I just tried to flash your Moldovan R9 version as I expected that it should work because constat changed the kernel when going to Swedish Snow but the rest seems to be the same as in Moldovan. Result: It works. ROM settings are present. Saw no bug yet. So forget my request, Sami. Thanks.
  11. Hmm - I did a full wipe, flashed Release 8 and then immediately the theme without any rebooting. Works like a charm for me...
  12. I used an app called FreeSpace. Edit: A crappy app if you rely on hugobosslives :P | | v v
  13. Hi Sami, always dangerous to place an open question like this. The answer depends on what should be possible for you. Is it only a new design for a known leaked kernel? And you only want to know some inlcuded apps? Otherwise I'd love to see your input to get CM7 as good as possible, means at the moment to optimise the battery usage. So it's up to you to provide some more details? Anyway, I appreciate your work here. And a big thanks in advance for this final job - sorry to hear.
  14. Thx for providing this ROM. May you tell us which patches are included? Just yesterday I flashed Sej's KANG build of October 24th. What's the difference to yours? I personally enjoy the Softkey patch which is included in Sej's build. Or did you compile only the merged ones?
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