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    I'm a published Author, Stand Up Comedian (occasionally), Improvisor, and teacher - But most of all, I love my Gadgets :) Especially Android!!<br /><br />Here's my Amazon Author Profile - Over 18's tho <br />http://www.amazon.com/Edie-Bingham/e/B002BLV6FY/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
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  1. My favourite - slide your finger along the notification bar to alter brightness on the go - right for brighter, left for dimmer. Really useful when you are out and about. Dayzee
  2. If it were me, Id try to cancel the buy mobile phones one, but if not, ebay it as soon as poss to sell to those waiting for later release dates. ;-) Dayz
  3. Got my confirmation email, tracking details and can now access MyO2. I also now have an account and phone number. Been having a look at what you can do online, and at first glance, it does seem you can drop the data bolt on quite easily. Shows an option to manage bolt ons,, with a swap button. The choices are then basic, 6£ option, £10 option and none. There is then a message that if you choose none, you will be charged on the up to 50mb a day at £1 rate. So if that is the case, you could knock off data taking a further £70 or so off the total for the phone, which breaks down like this: 149 for handset 5 for accessory (quidco or topcashback is for new contract plus accessory) 1 x13.50 and 23 x 10.50 = 255 Total is 410 which is only a tenner more than the payg offer - then minus 100 from topcashback or quidco leaves just 310 for the phone. Will keep you updated Dayz xx
  4. I thought the same about possible locked payg handsets, so cancelleed my original order in favour of acheap contract. Can't believe handset was only 149 on lowest tarrif :mellow: even without 100 back from topcashback, still only another75 quid over the paygo, with 24 months worth of mins and texts plus free unlocking as its monthly. I also read that if you aren't going to use the sim you can cancel the 3 quid data charge making it only10.50 a month after the first month, but not sure they would let you do that so I didn't factor it in my deal. dayz xx
  5. I ordered o2 payg but then I cancelled and swapped to this deal O2 Contract 24m at 13.50 with 50 mins 250 texts and basic data at 100mb Handset is 149, plus accessory (5 quid cover) and get 100 back from topcashback or quidco brings it to £378 total plus of course the contract mins etc on the sim I went with topcashback, think quidco is just today only Dayzee
  6. Had to change back to Micro Mods Gingerbread as I too got random reboots into a bootloop. One happened at work when my phone wasn't even being used, it had rebooted in my bag, bootlooped and run the battery down to nearly 15% before I noticed - Not good for me as I need phone access for my kids. Dayz xx
  7. RAIN X is brilliant !! Very cheap and great results!! Thread on XDA has lots more info and guinea pigs findings ;) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=892959 Dayz
  8. Dayzee


    Just curiosity now - what does the My Fake Location thingy do? and how might it have solved the force closes in notes apps. Not urgent or anything, its just that it worked and I have no idea what the app does.... :0) Just wondering really. Glad it did work...
  9. Dayzee


    hmmm I'm on R6 +pp Does it everytime for me - Opens fine, and other functions work but not add new note. I have sent a mail to Catch about it but they coudn't find the prob. Which Catch Notes version - I'm on Catch Notes 2.2 Dayz Update just tried uninstall and reinstall again and downloaded the fake location App. Hey presto, working fine. So stopped the location app and rechecked - still fine. Sooo I recommend catch notes as being better than evernote. :-) days xx
  10. Dayzee


    Weird. I use Catch Notes, and it also force closes if I try to add a new note. Frustrating. Wonder if those probs are connected.
  11. Dayzee


    Didn't spot a jobsworth.... Did spot a new poster with a poor attitude though.
  12. I recommend a cache clearer like cachemate to keep from running up cache space on browser and market etc. Stuff like keyboards can be removed once you have found the one you like the most. There is an adb script to run which allows you to move more Apps to sd, as follows abd shell pm setInstallLocation 2 It is case sensitive so watch for that. Not sure if it will do much since many more Alps are allowing move to sd anyway now. But might help. One thing I did was move some of the Widgets I dont useoften to sd, easy enough to move them back when I want. I use launcher pro, and it really needs Widgets on the Device. Dayz
  13. Great review :-) and I'd pretty much agree with all of the above, particularly the keyboard expereience which mirrors mine with my nexus one. A couple of added bits with regard to other mods. You can now change easily from USB slave (to connect to the PC's and see files, or do updates and adb tasks) to USB host - lots of extra functionality opens up from this, including running stuff like USB mouse and keyboards etc, and USB storage and hard drives. It only recognised fat32, and not every device works, but still a brilliant step. This needs the mcr Rom and an apk, but is quite simple to install and use. Also, with the right phone, you can tether your android phone as a wifi hotspots to get internet on the go, which is brilliant if you travel. This isn't true for all handsets yet, but it will be I'm sure. With my nexus currently running a 2.2.1 Rom, the ability to set as a wifi hotspot was already part of the Rom and worked without any further mods, but I think other users have also had success. :-) This really does make this device a little cracker, and at £250 is excellent value. I definately would add the caveat that you need some tech skills to really make the Vega fly. My thanks added to Paul and the people involved in the android community that make stuff happen :-)
  14. I haven't put clockwork back on after I tried it and BSOD'd simply trying to boot to recovery. For me, adb is working perfectly and I'm far more comfortable doing everything via adb. As far as backing up is concerned, I think Nandroids can be clunky, as they do indeed restore a whole picture of the ROM as is, warts and all, and can be sluggish on restore. I prefer to use Titanium Backup Pro which is the most amazing piece of kit. With that I can even leave out apps causing previous probs, or just restore data etc. Far more efficient than Nandroid for my needs. I'm happier now I have successfully been able to get into the NVidia Flash mode a couple of times and successfully flashed stock ROMS. As for MCR, I prefer to do it via adb and the windows-install.bat as i'm not happy with Bootstrap recoveries. I do wish the reBoot to Recovery .apk had a Do You Wish to Boot To Recovery? Yes or No Screen, instead of just going straight to rebooting to recovery on one tap - its easy to accidentally register a tap with the Vega's often wibbly screen, and with me, thats all it took to reboot me into BSOD Dayz xx
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