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  1. Wow this is awesome! Great job man. I can help You test If You want
  2. That's a nice answer. Screenshot it, so we can torture them later
  3. Don't accept another phone. Make them bring 5.1 or other updates to this phone, as they false advertised the phone. Good luck.
  4. Nope, paranoid lol. Now guess what? it acts the same, so i think that this is a case of faulty hardware. lovely..after just 2 months ±
  5. My god. I cleaned the usb port from the telephone and it started charging. I'm so stupid, now i lost 600 pictures... lol
  6. Today the phone rebooted by itself and i didn't take this into account as an issue. After this happened, i wanted to charge it but it wouldn't charge. I tried different cables and chargers and the same. The led doesn't flash, nothing happens. If i try to charge it while it is off it starts booting and reboots in a loop. I tried factory reset and lost all my data thinking that it would be an android issue/kernel issue. It was not rooted/no twrp. What can i do now?
  7. Downloading right now. At 13mb i think it is just a security patch
  8. What needs to be modified in the kernel for cm to work ? The ramdisk ? I don't have experience in building eoms, just what i have red in the tutorials
  9. Try to use soundabout to force the sound to go to the headphones
  10. Great job KonstaT. I did not install the recovery yet as I am waiting for a custom rom, but it is good to see development progress on the forums. I really can't try to build CM12.1 or other roms, as I do not really know how to do it, and I don't even have the required 30+gb of space left for the sources.
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