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  1. Does your device really have this? Mine certainly doesn't, the headphones annoyingly connect via mini usb so I can't charge and use headpones without buying a thingamajig... Also makes it difficult to buy replacement 'phones (I can't use the 'in ear' type and have to have 'on ear' instead)
  2. I agree, the RAM and the touch wheel were the two reasons I went for the 614c over the Asus. So far I'm very happy with it (2 months in) but then I didn't ever use the P750. Others' concerns over build quality, stability etc seem to been misplaced. My experience is that it is well made, stable with very few minor issues - mostly caused by me trying to install something not really meant for WM6 or some other similar user error!
  3. wwwwww

    HSDPA speeds

    Experience in the past with T-Mob was excellent. For some reason (and I really can't explain it) I left to go to Orange but at the end of 18 months I've wound my way back to T-Mob. Hopefully they will be as good this time around as they were the last. With regards to HSDPA on my acct, I didn't even ask for it and it appears to be enabled - perhaps going thru expansys has an effect, who knows? Whatever the situation, I find that regardless of my connection (G, 3G or H) the speed is very quick (I previously had an MDA compact II and the speed compared to that - which was on W'n'W plus - very favourable) so I'm a happy bunny :D The only issue is that outlined above - oh and some atrocious battery life issues but that's another thing altogether <_<
  4. I'm using a different phone (Ipaq 614c) but have found the potential for the same thing with the screen coming on and texting "gjiopeuoyf683kjbf03762bvgjk ukwtfsd" to the first person it can find in the contacts list. I installed slide2unlock (I don't remember how light this app is but it didn't bother me when I installed it) and the problem was solved. Text comes in > Screen comes on (it remains locked) > The message/email/voicemail/IM icon updates > Screen goes off again. When you actually want to send rude text messages to your boss you press the 'sleep' button (or whatever you have on a Kaiser), slide your finger across the screen and all is well.
  5. wwwwww

    HSDPA speeds

    Apologies, my mistake I am indeed on Flext 35 and W'n'W std (total £37.50pm). I referred to Windows Live and Gmail account which I have set up. The settings I'm using are those which Gmail advise to use (smtp.gmail.com etc) and as far as WL goes I just used their automatic setup option (I had a brief search for them but came up short). Additionally I'm having problems with sending MMS, tried to get the settings from T-Mob (from the website via text) but a)They don't have my phone (Ipaq 614c) and B)I didn't receive the config text I requested anyway!
  6. wwwwww

    HSDPA speeds

    Hi Confucious I'm now lost. I've read in loads of places that Web'n'Walk std doesn't have HSDPA enabled. I've just signed up to T-mob with a flext 25 + wnw (37.50pm) through expansys and regularly get HSDPA (the H shows where I otherwise would get 3G or G displayed dependant on coverage). I haven't asked for HSDPA to be enabled and I'm not paying for WnW+ so have T-mob just messed up or is HSDPA available on WnW std now? Either way my DL speed seems extremely fast for general browsing whatever connection I have. The only problem I have is when connected to HSDPA I can't send/receive email over the accounts I have set up on the phone (I can browse and make calls OK) - this includes sync'ing dashwire, windows live & gmail. Is this due to my phone trying to connect to a network (ie T-mob HSDPA) which it doesn't have access to? If so, why can I browse the web? Regards
  7. Hi Will I'm in the UK and have a 614c (UK model) - I find switching between 3G, HSDPA and GPRS is fine. It happens automatically without switching the phone off/on. My 4Gb SDHC turned up yesterday and so far there are no issues. The GPS can be a little slow when you first fire it up (maybe that's because I'm using GoogleMaps not a 3rd party app...?) and the battery life isn't too great ( :D ) needing a charge at least once a day. I don't have a BT headset so can't test calls over that but if I get the chance to I will and let you have some feedback. Overall for what it is I think this is a great phone, I've had no freezes or slowdowns and other than my initial set-up fiddling havent' had to do a hard reset, I back up using dashwire anyway so any problems should be minimal. You've gotta love unlimited data plans :( Regards Rob
  8. I have an E200 and IA style version 2.00. I also now have a problem with the sounds. When Im in the start~settings~sounds menu to change the sounds it does not play a preview nor does sound play with the video any more (it did yesterday!). I have tried a hard reset and orange update and help line but they offer next to no help ("is the phone set to silent" etc) I hope this helps ur diagnosis Posted from my SmartPhone!
  9. Hi all, any help you can provide will be wicked. When i try to use the video camera it records for 1 or 2 seconds and then i get an error message saying video recording aborted file access denied and returns to the view finder mode. Any ideas? Also does anyone know a fix for my girlfriend she is really pissed that im always playing with my phone! Cheers Posted from my SmartPhone!
  10. Does anyone know if/where I can download software (be it apps or games) direct to my phone? I dont have web access at home and the thought police at work prevent us from using anything other than BBC website. If this is not possible how easy is it to config using my E200 as a modem for my laptop at home? I run xp home and have had a crack but with no luck using the wizard. Great forum. My thumbs hurt! Posted from my SmartPhone!
  11. I followed the advice from orange and did approx 5 hrs of charge initially (they recommend 4). The e.g. was an extreme 1 but if I use it at all the batt does not last much more than two to three hours and i darent try to play mp3 as it wont last any time at all Posted from my SmartPhone! (which is plugged in!)
  12. Ok settings, 5 ROM update versions Operator: Manufacturer: Does this need updating or am I stuck with a phone which dies after one phone call?
  13. thanx for the help, it is an e200 and I was just concerned that it might be affecting battery life which is approx 1 day on standby at the moment. How do I check the ROM version as it is a brand new phone (so will it need the "improved battery life etc etc" rom upgrade offered by orange)? I hope so 'cos if it already has improved battery life then it mustv been reeaally bad before. Sorry for the poor description I was a bit hungover this morning!! Also I wasn't aware I had posted twice, I only wrote/posted once.......! Cheers
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