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  1. christatedavies

    Sent my Tattoo back to Orange

    Basically, because I think the Hero handset is possibly the ugliest phone on the market. I thought the Tattoo looked a lot better. I'm using a Sony Ericsson k800 now! I love it, it just "works" But I'm on the search for my next phone. No idea what it might be. Was thinking about the Sony Satio, but I've read some pretty poor reviews recently. So, I'm waiting to see what appears after New Year.
  2. christatedavies

    Sent my Tattoo back to Orange

    Well, had the Tattoo for about 5 days. Nice interface. However, the plasticy build, and the screen size just wasn't good enough. I downloaded a couple of games from the Market Place. They just didn't perform as I expected. Even the Monopoly and bricks games that came bundled with the phone were really jerky and slow. I liked the way it joined my Contacts with Facebook, and gathered all of my Google contacts/calendars/etc and put it into the device's respective apps, that was neat and very simple. I was very dubious about the touchscreen, having had an iphone, I was expecting to take a long time to get used to the resistive technology, but it was very simple, and in the end, the auto corrections meant I could type pretty quick! Android has a lot of potential, but that potential is only as good as the device, and the Tattoo isn't cutting edge. But I knew that when I took it on. Just thought others might like to read my opinions before they get one. I've sent it back to Orange and cancelled the contract. I'll wait for something else. And stick with my crappy dated WM device...
  3. christatedavies

    MAX SD card size

    I have an Orange SPV E650 - Aka Vox/S170. How can I find out the maximum micro sd size it can use? The Orange site is useless and I've also checked the HTC site... Thanks, Chris
  4. christatedavies

    E650 from Ebay - locked

    I've just received my e650 that I bought off Ebay. But the mug who sent it me failed to tell me it was pin locked. It says I have 2/5 chances to unlock it. Can I do a hard reset to clear it (seeing as I haven't actually put any of my contacts on it!) - but the trick with holding both soft keys whilst turning it on doesn't seem to do anything... Help! Have I just bought a brick???? EDIT: I've reset it finally.
  5. christatedavies

    Dropped it!

    Check this bad boy out!!! Mine fell out of the car window going round a roundabout, and the transit behind me drove over it... Orange took a little persuading to be fair... But they sent me a replacement.
  6. christatedavies

    Bluetooth Manager for M500

    Hi Catherine. If you go to the start button, and settings, and then hit the connections tab you'll find a Bluetooth option (hopefuly) In there, you can turn bluetooth on, and go the Devices tab, and click add new device. Bare in mind, some versions of TomTom require a serial port set up, so if your M500 asks, say yes to setting one of these up... Thanks, Chris
  7. christatedavies

    M1000 Bluetooth help needed please

    Aha! I worked it out... It uses the Owner name for it...
  8. christatedavies

    M1000 Bluetooth help needed please

    I have a problem. I have the SPV M500 - and apparently according to other bluetooth devices, mine has no name. How do I set the bluetooth name? Thanks, Chris
  9. Yep, I had this exact problem with my Treo 650. I was branded to Orange, and that meant the menu that allowed me to turn on this feature wasn't accessible. I updated the firmware to a non Orange specific one, and the menu appeared and I activated it. I don't know if its possible with your phone, but you said you used to have it, so could be something to look into. Thanks, Chris
  10. christatedavies


    Well, I've had my C500 for about a week now. Free from Orange and I've got to say, its a superb phone. I had the original SPV, so thats probably why I am accustomed to the layout, but they've fixed so many of the annoying bugs from the original, infact, I can't think of any they haven't... I went from the original SPV to a Handsprung Treo 600, and I have to say, I loved that phone, apart from the dodgy camera quality, but it is a phone after all. The only problem I have with going from the Treo to any other phone, is that I was so used to touch screens and stylus to write messages... I lost my Treo on a drunken night out and because of unhelpful police I missed the 24 hour crime report, so Orange wouldn't replace it. So I got them to send me a Sanyo 750, which was proper crap! So I went for the c500. I am very impressed. My friend has a p900 and even he was impressed by it, and is now considoring getting one. Its all down to choice, what phone you're used to, the technologies, the size, you know, choice. If its not to your taste, then find another. I've had all sorts of phones, so I have a wide experience of different makes, and styles. But anyone wanting a "smartphone", I would recommend this C500. Its not hard to use, and ignore the M$ is s*** statements. Mine hasn't crashed once. Even my old one only crashed a handful of times, and that was over a years use and abuse. Sorry, just my two penny worth. Chris.
  11. christatedavies

    New site for uploading your tones to

    Sorry if anyone was trying to use the site. for some reason my IIS stopped processing ASP... so I have converted the site to PHP. Lucky its not a big site! Anyway, its back now, and hopefully won't go down again.. (I'll have to make sure my missus doesn't try to bleach the router clean again too)
  12. christatedavies

    New site for uploading your tones to

    Thanks MoRFLeZ... I am going to enhance the page settings for SPV screens very shortly. BigSid, glad you got that sorted... Thanks for your input peeps...
  13. christatedavies

    New site for uploading your tones to

    I would appreciate it if someone tried going to it now on their SPV. I have changed the site so it detects a smartphone browser and gets rid of the frames... I have tried it on a P800 and it works fine. Can you try this link: http://ringtonehome.no-ip.com/index.asp Thanks, Chris
  14. christatedavies

    New site for uploading your tones to

    gspacedboy - yes you can. But I know realise the SPV's version of IE doesn't like frames, so I'm going to change the site to redirect SPV viewers to an SPV enhanced page. But saying that, I don't know where it downloads them to... I couldn't be bothered to wait for them to download! I'll find out and let you know if you want. Bigsid, try right clicking on the title and choosing "Save target as..." - it may be trying to play them directly and getting screwed somewhere...
  15. christatedavies

    New site for uploading your tones to

    Have changed it, just for you. I couldn't find any decent pics of a SPV though....

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