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  1. ok i have open lined my phone. im currently using orange 1.5 but im still application locked. any1 got links for the 1.61 update? been browsing a lot but still no luck.
  2. Hi! i'm new and had been browsing the forums for the past few days since i need some info on how to sim and app unlock my smart phone. Unfortunately, I'm quite busy and only have a few hours to spare to read and search. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could give me some guide on how to downgrade / change my rom from SAP 1.8 to orange 1.6 or qtek 1.5, and unlocking sim and application as well. i know i'm asking a bit too much but if only i have enough time on my hands i can learn stuffs on my own. Unfortunately, i don't and only have a few days left before i get even busier. I'm hoping i'd get to unlock my phone in 3-4 days after this post. I'd also like to know how much modification can i do on my smart phone. its specs says it uses a arm omap 710 processor, available storage 4.3 mb, available memory 5mb, rom version is, 128 mb SD card. i've read that some can play nes/gb games on theirs. can mine too? would be cool though if it can. and lastly, i tried downloading the link to qtek 1.5 rom in this thread, it doesn't work. can anyone supply a working link? Thank you very much to all who would take time to help me. I'd appreciate it a lot :)
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