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  1. Ordered one on-line from Vodafone U.K last Saturday and it was delivered (free) to me by by DPD on Monday morning... can't ask for better service than that! First impressions are very favourable.
  2. Yes, I agree. I ordered one over the phone directly from Vodafone U.K. last week, and didn't even realised there was a choice. Of course they sent me a silver / white one which I didn't like at all, and was then told that they were unable to order a replacement for me. In the end I had to order a grey one myself on-line, and then cancel the order for the silver one. The activation proved to be an absolute nightmare, as I can only access their network via a SureSignal, which they had to reset for me... it's a long story, but at least I now have a working grey / black phone!
  3. Hi, Sorry for picking up such an old thread, but is it possible to download the larger of the above files ans then to extract just the Thor movie from it, without having to reinstall everything else as well? Thanks! :)
  4. Thanks for your reply Paul, but.... err, what's an MCR please? (Sorry for being a bit 'thick'! :) ) Edit: Hang on... it wouldn't be MoDaCo Custom ROM by any chance now would it? :unsure: If possible I would like to be able just to install this particular App... like I did with your Camera one, but guess this may not be practical?
  5. It is actually possible to receive and read but not, as has already been mentioned, to save or reply to SMS text messages on an unrooted N7 3G device. Leaving voice aside for the moment, surely all that is require here is for Google to make the inbuilt Android Messaging app (as used on the Galaxy Nexus phone) visible on the 3G versions of the N7. I don't suppose it would be possible for Paul to 'wave his magic wand' again and to make the default Messaging App visible... like he did with the Camera one... or isn't it as simple as that? (I hope you are reading this Paul! ;) )
  6. It is also available from Amazon (U.K.) for £295 at the time of writing!
  7. Thanks Paul, I haven't posted on here for quite some time now, but having got a new Galaxy 2 due to arrive in about an hours time, I am very tempted to give your ROM a try. I will now go back to have a read through this thread to see what I should, or shouldn't be doing! Edit: Just updated my phone, in my Profile... I hadn't realised just how out of date it was!
  8. Yes indeed... especially as most of the questions had a strong American bias, and most U.K. players, even if they were over the required age, probably wouldn't have known some of the answers anyway! Happy Days!
  9. How about the forthcoming Blackberry 9000 Bold... it's certainly tempting me!
  10. You can find it... together some others you might like even better... here! Enjoy!
  11. That's still not too bad then isn't it... over a 12 month period each additional user is paying £89.99 for their phone, and is of course getting all the useage benefits etc.
  12. Are you 100% sure that you would actually get a second phone for your 'Additional User'? If so that probably makes it (for you anyway) quite a good deal!
  13. Anywhere between £90 - £100 including postage... some classed as 'refurbished' though, with possible slight marks etc. Look as if there are some BT branded ones on there also... personally I think I would rather get one directly from BT though... especially if it was only going to cost me an extra £5 per month.
  14. Just to clarify the position here... it is only an additional £5 per month if you are already on Option 3 Broadband with BT, which I would suggest a lot of users in so called rural areas where we don't get the option of the higher speeds anyway probably aren't!
  15. This is one ocassion I am glad I have a one month 'rolling' contract with O2... now if only they would offer a similar sort of deal, I really would be a happy bunny!
  16. The idea looks good... at a first glance! Then you look into their inclusive minutes & text... wow! 50 minutes + 50 texts – inclusive with every Broadband Anywhere package... then there's the broadband cap, which Paul mentioned, and what I gather from BT at the moment, there is only one phone currently on offer... an HTC S620. However as an existing BT Broadband customer who has all the necessary hardware anyway, I though I might be offered some sort of a deal... dream on! Upgrade to Option 3, and then pay a further £5 on top of that, I was told... oh, and of course I have to have all their hardware anyway, as it is of course all FREE... of course it is!!! :D The final nail in the coffin is the fact that they use the Vodafone network... virtually unusable at my current location anyway! In fact they messed me around so much, when all I wanted to do was to make a simple enquiry, I will be transfering my broadband away from BT and over to O2 as soon as I possibly can... enough is enough!
  17. Hi Stephen, I am please to hear that you are now happy with your Asus, and that is meeting your requirements. Out of interest, what type of software are you after... applications, utilities possibly... but not, I suspect games?
  18. Sorry to hear you are leaving us so soon Stephen... which network operator were you with, by the way? I will be interested to hear which phone you finally end up with! Thanks for your input anyway, it is always good to hear the views and thoughts of other users.
  19. Hi Stephen, Welcome to the Asus M530W Owners Club! :D ... and to the MoDaCo Forums also, although I am probably too much a 'new boy' here myself to offer you any sort of 'official' greeting! I don't think unfortunately that I am really going to be able to help you very much with either of the two points you mentioned. Inded I have often wondered myself how to actually terminate an active application, other of course than be using a built in 'Close Program' option, which a lot of them don't include anyway. I am sure there are other far more experienced users than me around though, who will hopefully be able to assist. In regard to your other issue, could it be a similar problem to the one I experienced with CoPilot 7, where the program is in effect trying to install itself in portrait, rather than in landscape mode, do you think? I am probably way off the beam here anyway, but is just a thought! In the meantime, I hope you will continue to enjoy your new 'toy' anyway!
  20. Very impressed with it , so far... I don't really think I can blame Asus for the problem I had with CoPilot anyway! It is my first Smartphone, and I am pleased I chose one with wi-fi connectivity... I almost bought a Motorola Q9H, and am glad now that I chose the Asus instead. My current quest is to find a network which will 'work' from home. I am currently using an O2 PAYG SIM but can't seem get internet access. Hence my earlier question as to whether you (or any other users) have had any success in this area? I will probably move to a contract eventually, but want to make sure that I go with an operator who can provide the services I require first. Thanks for getting back to me anyway!
  21. No idea yet I am afraid, as they didn't 'phone me until late (6 pm) on Friday, and only emailed the instructions to me then. The chap I am talking to is now out of the office until Wednesday, bit I will try and find out a bit more information from him, when he returns. Presumably ALK will now have to modify some part of the installation routine to prevent this happening with similar devices. But it does at least look as if they have managed to come up with a 'quick fix', which is something I suppose, and probably more than I would have got from some companies.
  22. You can stop searching for it now Paul, as ALK have finally managed to solve the problemI was experiencing with CoPilot Live 7. What it appears was happening is that the program was trying to install in portrait, rather than in landscape mode. I was therefore asked to manually edit a small configuration file, by just changing a '1' to a '2', and it then ran and installed OK. A few minutes later I was paired up with my Emtac Mini-S3 which accurately pinpointed my location. Although the problem shouldn't have occured in the first place, it is encouraging that ALK were able to offer a solution.
  23. That is odd, as I have had one working in mine OK... mind you, when you say that it doesn't work, are you not even able to make an outgoing call? I am sure I have read somewhere that another user (it might even have been 'vincemod') also had this problem, which was cured when he eventually persuaded his local Orange shop to replace it with one of their newer sims. My latest problem is that having tried, and successfully managed an internet connection with Vodafone, I am unable to do so with O2... despite selecting O2 on the auto-configuration screen, which does include Orange also, of course! Is anyone else on O2, out of interest?
  24. Thanks for your reply Simon, but as you say, it doesn't actually appear on their compatibility list, and they did even try to advise me earlier this week that it wasn't compatible after all, (having previously confirmed in an email that it was!) so I get the feeling that they hadn't yet tested it specifically on an Asus. Hopefully though they will now do so, and will advise me of their findings. I did try to run it again after updating the firmware on the 'phone, but with the same result. Everything else seems to work OK, and my current thoughts are that it is a software problem, but I think I will wait for their feedback before doing anything else. Fingers crossed!
  25. Thanks for your replies guys. I would however just like to clarify a couple of points. Before purchasing CoPilot Live 7, I did in fact email ALK to ask them whether or not it was compatable with my M530W, and as I received an email back confirming that it was, I therefore purchased it on that basis. Although I bought the phone from Expansys at the end of February. I did not buy CP7 until one month later, at which time Expansys were awaiting stock, (I think) so I purchased it from Handtec (GPSK Ltd) who have so far chosen not to reply to the two emails I have sent them outlining my problems. Incidentally, I did previously attempt to install Route 66, but found it impossible to enter the necessary activation code on the screen, so that was reurned. As I think I mentioned earlier, ALK have now escalated my case, and have promised to get back to me by the end of this week, so if I haven't heard from them by Monday, I shall be 'phoning them again... oh, and before anyone asks I have also reported my experiences to Asus, who (needless to say) assure me that the problem could not possibly lie with the phone ! I just cannot believe that somewhere in the UK (or maybe even further afield) there is not at least one other user who has tried to install CP7 on his (or her) M530W, as I am sure this problem is not unique to me... any luck yet Paul? Thanks for listening!
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