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  1. Hi With or without a certificate. When I try to synchronize the phone with the program that comes with the phone, it do’s not work. But with Emoze I just put it on my phone. Put in the settings for the exchange at work and it worked. Thanks John
  2. Hi I have downloaded Emoze on to my phone. And it works like a charm. I came synchronize everything from my outlook at work. So if anyone is having a problem with synchronize. I recommend you to download Emoze Thanks John
  3. jlwood


    Hi I am trying to get games to work on my phone, downloading onto the phone is no problem. But I cannot get them to work on the phone. Do I need some software on the phone for them to work? Thanks john
  4. jlwood

    Google map

    Hi Just did what you told me to do. Nothing happened. When I clicked on my location I got a massage (your handset don’t seen compatible with my Location (beta) feature) the phone I have is a Moto Q 9H Thanks John
  5. jlwood

    Google map

    Hi I just downloaded what you said and it works fine, but is GPS map of London. Do's anyone know how to get it working with Australia? Thanks John
  6. jlwood

    Google map

    Hi I have just put on my phone Australian version of Google map. I can scroll the map And view things, but for some reason there don't seem to be any keys bound to 'Search' or 'Menu'. But if I download the US version all is ok. I have a Moto Q 9H Can anyone help? Thanks John
  7. Hi I have a Moto Q9h And I have a problem trying to get my phone to work on the email exchange server at work. I have downloaded to the phone a certificate from work. But when I have SSL ticked and synchronise I get a massage on the phone Security certificate on the server is not valid Support code 0x80072F0D When I have SSL unticked I get a massage on the phone when I synchronise The server you are synchronizing with is not an exchange sever, or is running incompatible software support code 0x85030022 Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Thanks John

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