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  1. Paul your a genius... Just did both the Orange HTC Touch devices i picked up today! Must ask a poll to be raised perhaps as a seperate thread if you can? We have the touch and have changed the page file to 4mb. What have others done for the touch as most people posting to this thread seem to be talking about the wing, so i ask what other touch users are using 4mb or 6mb and how is it working for them? Again, thanks Paul. Regards, Chris
  2. Hey all back, Not with one but two TOUCHES from the very helpful rep "shawn" at Lakeside Orange. And the best bit when i said how much he said ££££££FREEEEE!!! I used to be on Orange but moved away just over a year ago with my own phone and the 5 others I have for employees in my company over to O2 because they were offering the XDA-Exec free when Orange wasnt prepared to.... Well i allowed 4 of our phones to go back to orange in the past few months for various SPV models and today I and the last other handset returned, downgrading my O2 max £75 per month package to an Orange Panther £55 per month and a Dolphin £35 per month for the second phone. He said as long as we have a £35 per month the contract its free!!! Throw in the "give an old handset back" deal and we are going to drop 2 old not cracked screen phones only back tomorrow for £300 worth of credit to our company account! We only went on the lower packages so we could find out our average uses and change up at anytime to cope as opposed to not being able to change down once signed up!!! Bonus is obviously those prices include VAT so being VAT registered it doesnt even cost that. We were tired (refering back to the original post in this thread) of ringing Orange CS ref the HTC Touch until we found i think on coolsmartphone someone saying they got theres in a store, hence us ringing and getting on waiting lists. Hopefully nobody else has to put their hands in their pocket to get one either. And no doubt once the average phone user cottons on to the smart HTC iPhone alternative with a PPC background with Orange showing the phone available everywhere things will no doubt end up back to the troubled M2000 days of old!!! Goood luck, Chris
  3. :) FInally on my way to Orange Lakeside to pick mine up today!!!!
  4. Keep this one up there guys! We rang Orange as soon as Paul (modaco) released initial news (some 2 wks ago) and were told we would be on a waiting list and of course the individual we spoke to had heard of the HTC Touch, key word here individual, others we spoke to since are clueless... I remember telling a Orange CS rep to just be quite when he was telling the SPV range was manufactuered by Orange not HTC and how he had worked for Orange for years and had never even heard of HTC, to which the know all no nothing *!#? couldnt expain why T-Mobile & O2 etc have identical phones with different names! Most mobile phone sales men in my experience understand the typical fashion, ring tone kack phones like the back of their hand but know little of the PPC end of the market, let alone WM versions. Anyway, later subsequent phone calls enquiring on how the waiting list is going seeing as we put around £400+ Oranges way every month for the last 6 years was met with a "we dont do waiting lists" reply, typical mis-information! I know for a fact they do in the retail shops but they are a totally seperate company from Orange telesales. So regular hassle seems to be the only positive route to me getting my hands on the Touch device through Orange. Whats your experiences, keep everyone posted as I will, I remember going down this road with the ol' M2000 a few years back and all the info on modaco m2000 wanabes was so helpful. Thanks guys (n' girls) Chris
  5. James, Had it myself on 2 of my m2000's in the past from 0range Got replacements and not had it for the last 4 or 5 handsets (m2000) that ive had (yes i really have had that many replacements!!), the prob seems 2b a faulty phone, maybe u will get 3rd time lucky on ur next replacement mate
  6. Guys on an older post a replacement m2000 of mines WIFI didnt work at all and tried dianosing it with few of u 2 know avail, nevermind anyway new replacement again as screen broke, WIFI detects networks now! Question 2nd but please bear in mind the first point:- 1:- I have used WIFI on my phone for browsing net, chat software, VNC etc for all bar the last faulty m2000 successfully, the PC nor netgear router has changed. All including Windows XP and Netgear firewalls have been completely switched off to try to sort problem. All access control, broadcasting of SSID, any type of encryption on the side of the router is okay, please understand my mate can connect on his M2000 to the respective PC Netgear WIFI no probs just as i used to also. POINT being please dont go on about anything other than question 2 coming up as it aint nout to do with PC, Router, Firewall, Broadcast Channel etc etc and b4 anyone asks no the WIFI port although only one allowed to connect on the router is not in use during my tests, I.E. My PC is attached and nothing else to router, STATUS shows this! QUESTION 2: What are the settings for WIFI on your phones guys? The ones that work, the ones where u having played with it? In Wireless LAN manager, Tools-Network Cards? All subsections? In Wireless LAN manager, Settings? Wheres ur slider between Perf/Batt? In Wireless LAN manager, LEAP? I seem to remember my SSID shown when it used to work, but no more? My Phone detects instantly my routers SSID and asks whether it connects to internet or work, i used to say internet and all fine but now whatever i choose it now it never gets past "Wireless LAN manager" Status Connecting to Network. When in Wireless LAN manager i goto Tool-Network Cards i see my Wireless network name SSID but when i tap/hold and select connect nout seems to happen! What are ur setting withing this section for ur connection? BASIC FACT:- When my last phones WIFI didnt detect shite many ppl agreed and diagnosed the the WIFI reciever on the phone as being totally broken but in trying to diagnose this fault we all had a play with the setting that im asking u guys for and cos i use Active Sync to backup my device any tinkering here has been reflected onto this phone too! So we have changed something but what??? Please help i know this is long winded but sorry guys
  7. this topic has got a little off topic from the original problem of post section "Advert Refreshing" causing problems within the text area. Coupled of course with text input keys i.e. backspace being defaulted to browser "Internet Explorer" hotkeys i.e. Backspace = back This problem still is happening as i'm writing this message even, but nothing has changed, i think i'll post this topic in my usual forum areas to see if anyone else is experiencing this as to be honest nouts being done to rectify this problem and i dont think many people read this section either? please read the original post for a better laymans understanding of the issue
  8. Foward only produces a reply post page or add new post whatever but with all blank fields! Internet Explorer - Vers 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2 Noticed issue still present! COME ON GUYS!!! Maybe its not JAVA but same principal for a refresh call to the browser to update the page as most simple JAVA REFRESH codes apply for. As someone else replied, the click "Navigation" sound could be heard through their headphones. Cant you just lose the advert within the reply section? I mean lets be honest if your typing a reply then its highly unlikely your reading an advert way up the top of the page once you've scrolled down to the post area now is it??? COME ON GUYS...
  9. 5th TIME!!!!! (4 other attempts failed) 5 posts all 5 deleted following a coincidence of a backspace to edit my message within Entering your Post section. Please remove JAVA (assumed 2b JAVA) adverts from POST input section cos if u hit backspace at the sametime as an ADVERT REFRESH then it reverts to IE shortcuts which backspace = BACK hitting FOWARD from there only allows u 2 start again. 5 messages now, love Modaco (e200-m2000) but this is REALLY BAD guys!!!! I know u need advertising and goodluck, spent several £100s in the online Modaco shop but this is beyond the JOKE!!!! cant reply with anything decent as during typing and naturally hitting backspace if the JAVA REFRESH for adverts happens i lose the cursor icon in the window therefore having to click back in the post type section to continue reply. Fine but throw in the every 5-10sec refresh and hitting backspace (ODDS SEVERLY NARROWED) and goodbye longwinded message FFS. COME ON GUYS UR BETTER THAN THIS!!!!
  10. Thanks guys, Tried WiFiFoFum as advised, no joy. No joy in Pub either. Tried messing with the perfomance slider for best battery/best performance also but no joy. Fraser in answer to your question i never tried any 3rd party software originally, never used anything other than PPC Wireless LAN Manager, the 3rd party software was only used at the fault finding stage. Will ring O-cs to see if they can send a replacement, although I've a feeling they wont as they said they dont support the WiFi functionality of device.
  11. ;) Any guys help? I've had a few replacement phones and always use my M2000 with my home PC via my Netgear router, my main PC connects to the router via RJ45. I dont use any encryption over the connection, have never had any probs with past phones but always only allow a defined Access List MAC address i.e. My M2000's MAC id. When i get a replacement M2000, 1st i go into my netgear setup and delete the old M2000 MAC address. I then turn access control off on my Netgear router, enabling other wifi devices to see me. I then turn on Wireless Lan on M2000, it then detects my network. I then add the new MAC address connected to my Netgear router and hey alls hunky dory. EXCEPT.... Since i got this replacement M2000 it dont find NOUT!!! I normally browse wifi everywhere where there not locked but noticed this one dont seem to find any? I'm going out later and will try in the pub which has a cloud access wifi point. I've also try using 3rd party sniffers i.e. Pocket Boingo to no avail. If any you guys (fraser pls help) know of any settings that change the sniffing pattern on the M2000 then plz reply with some help. BTW tried changing the channel used by my wifi Netgear router, none are detected. Please help, cheers (i'll have a pint for u all 8) )
  12. I get the same problem, if i send to multiple contacts, to be honest to get round the problem i either add a punctuation ; between each adding of a contact or i add whoever then go back and add the ; between each phone number after adding ppl. If you dont the message will fail like u state, not everytime but certainly when u send a joke to like 40 contacts! The to: box then shows every contact as one long number without any ; ffs!!! Ive noticed this on all my M2000's (4th one now!!!)
  13. Andy, Brought Co-Pilot in Modaco shop for SPV E200 b4 so had previous experience. Have to say bluetooth GPS module was SHE-ITE when communicating with the e200, however with the M2000 its absolutely solid!!!! Put the old Steven Hawkins Voice Directional Male voice on and it even reads ur destinations name FFS. BTW. No experience of TOMTOM but did see a top-gear-esque program on box and TOMTOM looked PANTS compared to Co-Pilot
  14. Indeed i agree, i had the last faulty cradle apart before sending it back to PDAMODS in case it was simply a small thermal fuse, but this was fine and a capacitor was actually faulty so i decided to just exchange for a brand new one. Anyway as stated i never leave it in the cradle on turning the engine over for extra reassurance, surge arrestors etc are designed to protect, but that doesnt mean with a bad enough spike that they wont simply open circuit forever. Anyway all said and done i believe my fault is a possible software conflict, likely CoPilot, to be honest though and unless it gets worse, i will hang on for a possible O-Rom update, trouble is tomoorow never comes.
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