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  1. Thanks for reply! But what about quality of sound and battery life?It seem more noise and break.And i just use in 3 days(before is more 4 days).
  2. With me, this version has bad sound quality and battery life. And if i don't want to install Spb MobileShell, how to change right softkey at manila home tab to program(i changed in manila config but it always report problem with touchlaunch.exe)
  3. Try reinstall Samsung modem driver and try another usb port.
  4. I can't upgrade.It always report timeout and no pda device found.Start button can't show.
  5. I can use usb bootable to reinstall for dell mini and acer aspire one.But it can't recognize HDD.:D What should i do now?
  6. When will you have next ver?In Commanager, wifi setting dosen't work.
  7. I use 4 in 1 ROM ver.But quality of sound is so bad.It's always break.Is this ROM bug or just my phone?
  8. Go to Setting\System click on Large Start menu.Don't tick on Large start menu(tick another,i don't remember,there are 2 option).You will have honeycomb.
  9. there are msn icons but nothing run when i click on it. in setting,if i press ok,it will close.i must go back start\setting to continue. everything else in without bt fixed are good(wifi,gps,m2d,apps add in).but i do not like dial interface.three bottom key are far from taskbar and without lock in call.we can touch something undesireble in call.
  10. Today,i can turn on screen display although i can recieve call.I can't softreset.I must take out battery and put it back to turn on phone.I use BT fixed version.Everything else are good(mail,wifi...) I'm trying to download w/ BT fixed version.
  11. Just flash new ROM.Nice ROM and good add in apps. But in setting,if i choose ok,it will close.I think it's beacause of htc x button.Maybe you shouldn't use HTC x button.Let user choose.Like wktask.... I use telexkeyboard and now it can be used in IE.B)) Thanks! Could you check without BT fixed version link?Thanks!I don't need dial by voice with bluetooth headset.
  12. What's difference between with or without BT fixed?I read it somewhere but i can't remember. Trying to download!It's so hard to download from rapidshare from Vietnam. Thank so much!
  13. Glad to hear ROM news!Hope you can fix email,keyboard,interface,performance.I use E1 but sometimes my omnia frezee.It's rarely with another ROM(taril's ROM, PDAVIET WM6.5 20B...)
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